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As a continuation of Zippomcfry's Campside and Urban threads, things to have happen inside Inns, Taverns, Pubs, and other gathering areas we Adventurers love so much.

1: A petite Sorceress with a tall, muscular Fighter enter and start ordering a tremendous amount of food, which they proceed to devour with gusto.
(just had to get it out of the way!)

2: A ranger walks in carrying a large wriggling sack. He sets it on the bar and starts an argumentative discussion with the proprietor (among other things, dropping that sack on the bar during business hours). The proprietor pays the man and hands the sack to an employee, who carries it to the back room.

3: A figure in an all-concealing cloak enters the building. He is oddly shaped, and leaves a faint trail of silvery dust behind him.

4: A Halfling girl riding a large dog enters. She pays the bartender for an ale. She doesn't touch it, but the dog happily slurps it down

5: You ask the Bartender for the House Special. It tastes pretty good, but it's not until you're halfway through the mug that you realize the world has turned purple.

6: A Cleric, a Druid, and an Oracle enter.

7. A beautiful elven lass/lad is obviously quite taken with a PC. His/Her lover, takes exception to this...

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Well its a published mini-adventure/map product by Rite Publishing, but...

8. Haiku of Horror: Autumn Moon Bath House involves the ghost of a bath house attendant named Kana who was murdered in a drowning here several years ago. She wants to be laid to rest, and a curse might force the PCs to do just that. (In feudal Japan a bath house was the typical fantasy tavern with bathing facilities, a tavern, a gambling hall/restaurant, and rooms to sleep for the night).

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9. A large and in charge half-orc (pick gender) takes a active social interest in a character..much to the relief of his/her companion.

10. A bedraggled person comes storming into the tavern ranting about gold and treasure and some nasty thing trying to harm him..while demanding a drink.

11. your chair breaks.

12. the wobbly table shifts under the weight of all the drinks food and items and dumps it into a random player(s) lap/floor.

13. the door opens and all the lights in the room go out, and suddenly re-light after a round or two. Revealing a man slumped over the bar with a knife plunged in his back.

14. the Toilets get backed up.

15. someone casts swarm of monkeys into the bar.

16. someone casts swarm of flaming monkeys into the bar!

I can't dot enough arghhhhhh...

17. The roof caves in for no apparent reason. Roll a reflex save.

18. The floor caves in for no apparent reason. You find yourself rolling down into what looks like an explored cave. Roll a acrobatics check to avoid fall damage.

19. Your mother walks into the tavern, chastizing you for your life decisions.

20: A voice suddenly cries out "tossing contest!" Every Hafling or Gnome in the room (including PCs) starts getting picked up as large tubs are being filled with ale.

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Apologies for the length...

21. The party is enjoying their meal when a group of off-duty rookie members of the town guard, young men and women in their early teens/late twenties, get up from their table and begin accosting the party, saying such things as "Adventurers are nothing but trouble-makers." and "Adventuring isn't an honest way of life." This goes on for several minutes before the innkeeper, an older woman barely 5 feet tall, walks up and smacks the leader of the group in the back of the head. The leader turns around angrily and then gets a sheepish look on his face as he sees the person who struck him. The innkeeper begins a verbal tirade against the young man, saying such things as "How do you think your father and I met?", "Where do you think the money for this inn came from?" and "The man who taught you how to swing your sword was part of our party."

The young man, his head bowed, says softly "Sorry, Mom," as his companions begin to laugh. The innkeeper glares at them and says "Would you like me to have a word with your parents?" The other members all fall silent and bow their heads, mumbling "Sorry, ma'am". The group then walk back to their table, looking thoroughly dejected.

The innkeeper then says to the party. "I do apologize. I thought we raised him better than that. Oh don't worry - his father will have a word with him when he gets back home. As for your meal - my son and his friends will be paying for it." The innkeeper returns any money the party might have already paid for their food and drinks.

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22. Zombies burst into the room and a pie fight ensues. (please...someone get the reference)

Ninjaed by Krevon and his Dawn of the dead reference ;)

23. A shady looking fellow enters, talks briefly to the innkeeper then settles down by a table in a corner. Listen dc 15 lets the Pcs overhear the conversation between him and the innkeeper. The shady character says he is here to meet a contact and the innkeeper tell him to take a seat, then leaves the room.

Moments later a window is broken and a small fiery sphere of guano flies into the packed inn. Roll Reflex saves.

24. An old harmless man sits by the fireplace telling children in the inn stories of before the current ruler usurped the throne. He steadily gains the attention of a squad of city guards off duty.

25. As the innkeeper is busy elsewhere a man who has been waiting to be served lean over the counter, pour himself a beer from the tap and sends the pcs a sheepish smile.

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26. A man in a green cloak appears in a room and immediately starts weeps..."Gods no not again...." Turning so he can look every individual in the eye.."Return to your families, you will all perish within the year. Trust not in your gods for they too shall perish. All must perish to his hunger."

Leaving the in he begins ranting in the streets about the end of days.

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27. You've returned home after a long time away adventuring and a new inn has been erecting. The sign above the door says; "The Vanishing Ale".
An odd mechanical clock strikes 12 and the inn is plane-shifted to an random plane of existence.

Well that's just inconsiderately messy.

28. Two Dwarves walk out of the tavern -- hey! It could happen!

29. Your ale begins to float up out of your mug. When you look around, it splashes back down into your mug and ricochets a bit all over your face and chest. DC 5 Perception check to hear the group of young female Gnomes giggling at the table next to you.

30: A large group of burly men come walking in, carrying casks. They share a look with the bartender and leave the barrels there, taking with them all of his present stock.

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(this one happened in my game some time ago, edited for context)

The barkeep is an old woman-- in fact rumor has it that she's been the "old woman" behind the bar for as long as anyone in town can remember.
This old barkeep inflicts on herself a nasty deep cut on a broken bottle; a friendly cleric who happened to be in the room offers his healing assistance.
Upon receiving the divine touch of the old religion, the curse that held the old woman in her current form was broken! Her wrinkled venerable flesh violently contorts and stretches exponentially. The front porch and ceiling of the inn burst, wood planks fly into the street as the now gargantuan sized black dragon stands in the spot where an old barkeep was moments ago.

"I.... remember now... I.... REMEMBER IT ALL!!!"

Street lanterns, carts filled with fruit, and bits of debris are tossed away in the gale force winds created when the Wyrm lifts into the sky for the first time in an age.

Dozens of commoners are too dumbfounded to move as they listen the leathery swoosh of wings grow ever fainter in the distance...

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Probably a bit too much story in mine and not enough just random activities.

32(?): A fire juggler is just about to begin his show when the owner of the tavern kicks him out quite quickly. The fire juggler seems more than upset at the outrage, peering in through the window briefly. You smell smoke.

33: A crude, drunk half-orc slaps the backside of a bar maiden walking by a little violently. It seemed to have hurt.

34: A large, solidly built man with arms full of a bundled something or other rushes from the back room unfortunately catching his shin on the corner of the fireplace. He trips, letting loose all that was in his bundle. Several unique looking weapons and items, old enough to be artifacts lay scattered on the floor. He bundles them up, swatting away the help of others and continues out the door at a brisk pace.

35: A cloaked being bumps into you. (Perception check against sleight of hand theft.)

36: An eerie individual sits near a window. Not long after, what appears to be a zombie thuds against the window near the mysterious person. He raises his hand as if to shoo away the thing and it abruptly stops it's tapping, but continues staring at the man as if waiting for orders.

37: An extremely unwell looking man makes attempts to exit the tavern, albeit staggered and slowly. When he nears you, he stops, pulls his head back and sneezes directly upon (whomever the DM wishes) you. It's quite sticky and moist. He continues his exit, but falls dead as he opens the door.

38: You just saw a rat go under the table.

39: A beautiful woman enters the tavern and as she walks past the fireplace you notice her shadow seems to cringe where she did not.

40: A group of men is playing some odd card game you've not heard of. All you hear is, "I activate my trap card..." before the person is punched in the face and a fight breaks out.

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41: The person you were supposed to meet at the Tavern doesn't show up, as you wait, every time you order something to drink, the glass breaks just as you try to drink from it. The barkeep is getting agitated.

42: The tavern is lively, people chatting, someone playing music, ale being drunk, and food being eaten. A good time all around. With a cacophonous boom, half of the tavern explodes, broken boards and splinters fly through the air, as portions of the ceiling cave in, dust and debris spray your face and skin, and hang in the air. There are screams, people injured, maybe even dead... And then from the ruble, a large form arises, a bronze dragon, as you realize finally what caused this disaster... it crash landed. Badly wounded and bloody, it shakes off its wings, but one seems too injured to function. It turns its back to the tavern and limps out into the streets... There, another band of 'heroes' is rushing in, intent to defeat this monster.

43: You find a human tooth in your food.

44: As the party enters the tavern, the loud atmosphere goes quiet as all the patrons stop. All heads turn to the party, and in silence they watch one of the member's every action. No one here will respond, to words or deeds, and just watch on, only moving to shift their gaze to follow this one PC. If this party member leaves, all of the parons resume whatever they were doing before the party entered, and act as if nothing happened. That PC cannot shake the feeling that he is being watched now.... no matter wher he goes.

45: During dinner, you notice that the ceiling has a wet spot, and that it seems to grow. After a short while, it begins to drip onto the floor a few feet from your table, and the droplets make an almost imperceptible sizzle as they hit the floor. Shortly after, the wet area of the ceiling collapses down to the ground, along with some sort of jiggling gelatinous form. The innkeeper shouts up at the hole " #%^*% it Frank, I told you NO experiments up there!!"

46: There is a group of four halflings laughing at one of the tables next to yours. The barmaid comes by to take your order, and you notice all three of the halflings get up from their table and leave the tavern.

47. Pie eating contest

48. Drinking contest

49. Beer and kidney pie consuming contest

50. Arm wrestling

51. Knife throwing

52. Archery out back

53. Axe throwing

54. Dueling bards

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56. Illegal backroom halfling cage fighting.

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57. A rowdy bunch of ___________ is occupying the center of the bar, drinking heavy and fast. Every time one of them starts puking, his fellows grab his ankles and spin him around the room, making the fresh puke fly everywhere. The barkeep and waitresses expertly duck every time.

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58. A dangerous, violent guy keeps demanding the strongest drink in the house. The barkeep finally pours him something in a shot glass, and moments after throwing it back, the barbarian retches, collapses and his flesh starts dissolving as the barmaids hurry the corpse into the fireplace.

Because the strongest drink in that house is a Black Pudding in a bottle.

59. The bartender/waitress/bard is really a succubus or maybe a nymph.

60. Two filthy and stinking young men approach your table. One smells like rotten meat and the other has lice in his beard. The one with the beard says, "Hi, we're looking to join a group. Do you have any openings?"

Based on a real encounter I had in a bookstore. Their descriptions are 100% true.

61. A quite game of cards erupts into a full blown fist fight when one dude plays a second ace of hearts...

62. You over hear the mention of treasure from behind a curtained seating area...

63. A rat the size of a dog runs out from the kitchen with your order in its mouth...

64. Two goblins walk in and start playing kill-gull...

65. A Brutish looking half orc walks in scanning the room for onlookers, he approaches the bar and loudly orders a pint of milk...

FIRE! Fire in the storeroom! Not much in the storeroom but it leads to the cellar. If someone doesn't act fast, the beer will be ruined!

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67. A kobold enters the bar; trailing behind him are 2 goblins loaded up like pack mules. The kobold himself is bedecked in an oddly-handsome piecemeal outfit and a wispy moustache adorns the end of his snout. He introduces himself as Gulfryx, a member of the Junkmangler's Guild; a group of humanoids who comb through yesterday's trash to make tomorrow's treasures. Gulfryx has a few bizarre but masterwork items for sale, and perhaps even some magic if you're lucky.

Mark Hoover, you need to be writing and publishing this stuff!

DM C: You are far too kind and I'm humbled. I'll turn it right back to you Cal. You've got a great creativity and I go into these threads hoping I'll run across your stuff so I can shamelessly steal. That being said I'm honored to say I have 1 encounter that will be coming from Raging Swan Press; this is only the beginning.

68. A subtle whisper can be heard, just under the din of the tavern; suddenly at the next table over a group of adventurers mid-gulp slam down their tankards and rise with a purpose, heading for the door. (DC 25 Perception reveals that the whisper was a woman's voice instructing the group the guards are coming)

69. A tittering Halfling girl reels backward and spills an entire flagon of ale on a hulking half-orc. Predictably he rises glares and hurls a meaty club of knuckles; the girl staggers drunk, just barely avoiding the blow which connects with the sturdy paunch of another patron. Chairs begin overturning as the din rises sharply; everyone roll initiative. (DC 21 Perception or Sense Motive reveals that the girl is feigning drunkenness while liberating the coin purses of the combatants)

70. A dour looking woman in pious garb arranged cleverly to hide the chain armor beneath approaches the bar, muttering in prayer. She completes her intonation by drawing forth a golden key and slamming it forcefully down on the rail. "Now then heathens; where is your boss?" she demands sternly. The barman sneers "We don't..." he hesitates, as if fighting back a gag, then continues "...do...know where the boss is right now!" He finishes the admonition by clamping his hand over his mouth even as the woman reveals a crossbow at her hip with a grin.

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71. A regular afternoon in a busy wayfarer' inn. At least until the window shutters and doors slam shut, the wood fusing together. After a few moments filled with confused consternation by the patrons, several random pieces of funiture begin slamming together, warping into a number of humanoid forms. Murky red auras emanate from the forms as they reach for the patrons...

72. A wooden box sits in the corner of the Great Room, along the fireside wall. Above it is a simple parchment tacked to the wall that reads "Free Kittens." The kittens have lime-green fur and purple eyes, and are irresistibly cute, almost hypnotic.

73. (movie reference): As you find your place in the tavern all you to hear is booming laughter. No one is seated at any of the tables, but when you look up, you see an entire crowd of people floating near the ceiling, laughing hysterically.

74. (music reference): Your meal arrives and it is a feast. In fact, when you look around the tavern, each and every table has a large feast sitting in front of its patrons. As you're about to dig in, out of the corner of your eye you notice that other patrons try to stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast. The reason being of course, that they are spirits stuck in this tavern to be tormented forever.

75. The tavern you've entered has no windows and the patrons have been eyeing you since you've arrived. When you reach your table and get to your seat, each of the other customers blow out the candles at their tables, leaving you and your party in total darkness. [Optional: When you attempt to light your candle or any other item, magically or otherwise, it does not light. (Darkvision works).]

76. There's a talking pink elephant in the room and no one else seems to notice it...

77. (Movie Reference) The owner of the tavern is an eccentric man wearing a rather large and extravagant top hat. Just as you've made yourself comfortable the owner shouts, "Change places!" and somehow you end up by a rather creepy cat smiling a big toothy smile.

78. Each and every patron of this inn is a monkey. The owner? A an orangutan.

79. To reach the top of your table, you need to climb a ladder.

80. A mother is chastising their child for something.

81. The room is extremely loud, nearly impossible to talk over one would think. However, when you begin to speak, the room goes extremely silent. When you stop, the room goes back to a dull roar.

82. (Video Game reference) While you walk to your table, you notice that each and every patron and worker of this tavern has at least one knee with an arrow sticking out of it, but they oddly don't seem to notice. A waiter approaches you with a trey and offers each of you not only an arrow, but a silent expectant look.


A night at the Fallen Lady:

One of the many drinking establishments in Winterport is the Fallen Lady, its name a veiled reference to an old term for a courtesan. Though the tavern is no brothel it stands at the edge of the Courtesan’s District. As such many accords are struck here and deals are sealed over a pint of Furious Dwarf Ale.
As the PCs arrive Vicram the Pimp is holding court at the far end of the common room. His wenches Trixie, Ashlyn and Fey are making their way around the room looking to drum up business while the Pimp sits propped on his “throne”; a darkwood chair adorned with exotic furs, leathers, and silver-gilt stones. The girls will flirt mercilessly with the PCs, even the females.
Stationed at each door are the Pimp’s men. These are a pair of brutal half-orcs named Gulguk and Khrorr. They serve as Vicram’s muscle but truly they’re more loyal to the girls than the wart-faced Pimp. For his part Vicram acts like a prince; aloof and taking no notice of commoners who get close to the table. He only converses with paying customers or important folk of the city.
The owner of the Fallen Lady, Zirul Swiftshadow, is a handsome half-elf with wry features under dark hair and moustache. He seems to know every one of his patrons by name. If any of the party makes eye contact he hails them with a grin and bids them welcome.
Currently there are only 2 places for the party to sit: a long, communal table in the center of the room or a few open spots at the bar. The trestle table seats 10 and is currently occupied by a trio of middle-aged commoners, tradesmen by the smell of them, though they seem amicable enough. The 2 humans of the group are grumbling about the gouging of their prices by the guilds while the third, a lecherous Halfling is constantly craning his neck about to keep an eye on the cavorting courtesans.
The menu tonight consists of three courses:
1. Bloody Winter Broth: a soup of tomatoes, red onions and spices simmered together with bulk sausage and served with stale bread for dipping
2. Screaming Pots: huge, steaming pots of shellfish and immature reeflcaws are placed at the tables; the animals inside are whistling from the vapors. The entrée is boiled in a hearty wine broth along with a number of root vegetables
3. Ochre Jelly: a sweetened vanilla pudding served at room temperature with cookie wafers embedded throughout – the one patron who finds the cookie stamped with a bawdy female silhouette wins a free pint of grog on the house
Local rumors
1. A rag-tag band of adventurers led by a grizzled human warrior discusses their latest foray to the Vaults of Neverdawn; a dwarven tomb complex cursed and sealed by a hag’s coven and only recently uncovered in the lower Bonefrost range.
2. Ashlyn, the fiery redhead among Vicram the Pimp’s stable, can be overheard lamenting the theft of a rare jewel called the Flame Jarl’s Eye. It was a magnificent fire opal on display in a local guildhall and they would pay handsomely to see it returned.
3. Zirul, once a traveling bard of some skill has been hunting for a new crew to ply the wilds outside of Winterport for a rare dire beast called a Grinning Goat – a delicacy that dwells in the rugged veldt of the foothills and can often be found grazing on patches of Stinkweed
4. A pious half-elf with a shaved head and clad in purple and gray robes seeks agents to help him reach the summit of Grimrock Peak. The man is of advanced age for one of his race and appears infirmed; he suggests that the spirits have decried to him that his greatest and final challenge will be revealed to him there.
5. Many of the commoners are embroiled in bitter debate over the seeming unfairness of a new law allowing the dead to be utilized for slave labor. Not only do many think this abhorrent but several canny tradesfolk realize the economic shift this would bring. If only someone might convince the local magistrates otherwise…

85. An Orc (whose garb resembles those you've recently defeated in a nearby cave) sits calmly at the bar drinking his ale. His longspear is leaning against the bar next to him. As another similarly dressed Orc enters, he exits. The second Orc takes his place. He even places his longspear in the same place and order the same ale.

86. A farmer rushes into the tavern screaming about a wolf drawing near to eat his livestock. He pleads for anyone to help him.

87. A Goblin stands in the corner, telling pun-laden jokes, "I wanted tarrasque her out and, just like an ooze, I could tell she just wanted me inside her. There was no challenge to disable that device." He gets enough from the patrons to buy himself a couple rounds.


88. When you enter the tavern, you hear strange, warbling music. In the corner, a gnome is playing a strange, complex brass instrument, blowing with all his might into the mouthpiece and operating a bellows with one foot. Next to him, a halfling is drumming on the brass pipes with a pair of spoons. The two are dressed to match and appear to have most of the taverngoers' attention. After a while of this, the two stop and are given a standing ovation, at which point they announce they will begin again in half an hour.

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89. An extremely tough guy (description to taste, but can obviously take the PCs entire party blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back....without magic) walks in, slightly out of breath, and tells the bartender. "Quic, three of my usual. Big Jim's a-comin' and I have to get out of town." The barkeep turns pale and immediately starts packing his strongbox.

90. Four halflings are playing a complicated game of cards at the back table. Oddly enough, the only thing in the pot is a heavy golden ring. One of the halflings incite the Pcs over to adjudicate a rules dispute. That's when the wraiths come out of the walls...

91. A dragon pokes his head in the door and roars "This is a stick-up!" He opens his jaws and demands that everyone drop all their valuables onto his tongue.


Radiant Oath

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92. A dwarf notices you walk in and immediately shoves a nearby table on its side, yelling "BARFIGHT!" Almost instantly a free-for-all melee begins throughout the establishment, as the dwarf tries to sneak out in the confusion.

Scarab Sages

93. A duck walks into the tavern. The barkeep tries very hard to ignore it. Undaunted, the duck waddles up to the bar, hops on a stool, and asks, "Got any nails?" The barkeep's expression becomes one of severe surprise and confusion as he says, "What? Of course not, this is a tavern, not a smithy!"

With that, the duck hops onto the bar and, staring the barkeep straight in the eye, asks: "Got any soup?"


94. A group of young men are playing a game of dice at one table. If any of the PCs make eye contact or inquire about them, they invite the PCs to join. They're actually gambling for low stakes, and believe it or not, none of them are cheating. If the PCs want to join, the GM can either have them play an actual dice game if he or she knows one, or just have them make Profession: Gambler checks to see who wins.

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95. A demonic figure emerges through the door, hissing and slobbering. A young boy is strapped to it's back. It glances across the room with fiery eyes and lopes over to the bar.

The boy then speaks in half-whipser to the bartender "Watered wine, please."

96. A deal has just been struck, rescue the Sultana from the lair of the great wyrm blue dragon Deyrubrujan. The Sultana was kidnapped to exert political leverage over the Sultan. Naturally, he wishes her back. The heroes step outside the tavern door - and where once there was the bustling city of Duwwor, now stands a twisted, colorful and alien landscape of purple stone and green water.

97. The only available seats are next to the toilet. Roll fortitude or be sickened.

98. While sleeping in the common room, a drunk cuddles you through the night.

99. You hear a series of dares and goads from a table nearby. Before you know it, a drunkard leaps on your table stark naked and starts dancing.

100. Three nerds with sticks leap through the door, and are promptly mocked into leaving.

101. Everyone in the tavern is already passed out except one person amidst a pile of beer and a very happy bartender amidst a mountain of emptied kegs and bottles. The party missed the party.

102. The animal companion of a nearby adventurer insists on crop-dusting, humping, or bumping the chair out from under a member of the party.

103. You find a full sized, stuffed effigy of a woman in your bed at the Inn. The Innkeep doesn't find this unusual.

104. The party discovers the tavern/bar doesn't serve alcohol.

Bonus. One end of the bar of a brand-new tavern appears to have been fireproofed. Discolored thin metal plates adorn the floor and bar accompanied by a sturdy iron stool. The party can sometimes find the sorcerer proprietess sitting there, drinking flaming shots. The party can inquire and discover she decided to buy the property after having burned it down twice. Visits to this bar have a one in ten chance (each) of it actively burning, burnt down, or being rebuilt.

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105. Three-man cribbage tournament spontaneously breaks out in the tavern!

.....It exists, damn it! D:

106. A more drunk than usual dwarf challenges patrons at random to The Tower; a dwarven bar game where one stacks gold coins while everyone else jostles the table, trying to knock the stack over.

Of course, dwarven gold coins are known for their ability to stack perfectly and never fall over...

107. Bounder or Gem Snatcher game goes horribly awry, one lucky "winner" winds up with a d20 to the eye.

108. Five Finger Fillet tournament... TO THE DEATH!

109. Someone playing cards nearby asks his friends "Did you ever figure out what happened to that Deck of Many Things?"

Liberty's Edge

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110. One of the PCs finds a platinum coin in his money pouch that surely was not there before, along with a note that says, "YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED. TRUST NO ONE." As the PC finishes reading the note, someone sits down next to him and whispers, "...including me."

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111. A Human walks in and immediately approaches one of the PCs. He draws his weapon. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

112. The Goblin Inquisition enters unexpectedly.

113. A moor-skinned Human enters, mumbling about purple haze all around.

114. From your seat, you notice through a window that many Humans are disposing of tea into the water.

115. A bug infestation happens overnight, making it difficult to sleep.

116. A crying baby keeps one of the PCs awake all night.

117. A very drunk Halfling challenges a PC to a dance-off/rap battle/contest of some sort and cheats as much as possible to win, including but not limited to prestidigitation shenanigans.

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chkflip wrote:

111. A Human walks in and immediately approaches one of the PCs. He draws his weapon. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

But, but, but, I has no 6 fingers on a hand...

Scarab Sages

118. An unbelievably heavily-scarred man is hashing his (evidently large) tab with the barkeep. At long last, he yanks one of his own eyeballs out of its socket, gives it to the barkeep, and tells him to keep it as collateral until he returns with the money.

119. An obviously battle warn veteran, scarred and with armour and equipment scavenged over the course of many battles pushes the door open and stumbles in. Quickly taking the room in, he staggers over to a filled table, saying in a voice just loud enough to be heard, "Thank the gods I found you. I was starting to doubt that the prophecy was true. We can save them all if we work together.".... But... why's he saying that to the next table over, not to the PCs table...

Scarab Sages

120. A patron orders what sounds like a very interesting custom drink. The barkeep mixes it up...and the result literally explodes.

121. A large group of bards immediately rushes you (and your party) upon sitting at your table. Each trying to speak over the other as they attempt to earn sponsorship to go to college. They won't leave you alone, even as you tell them no.

122. As you open the entry way door and move through the door way, you are surprised to find that you are now outside of the tavern, standing in front of the now closed entry way door.

123. The tavern is luxurious and beautiful. Without a word you (and your party) are lead to extremely comfortable seats, that recline if one wishes. Throughout your stay here, no one speaks to you, instead they spoil you in silence. Shining your boots, bringing you the best foods and drinks and showing you to amazing suites. Even at times in which you try to stop them, they ignore and insist. Persisting in their apparent generosity. Problem being, you've not been shown any prices thus far.

124. Every single chair is bolted to the ground, as are the round tables between them. Surrounding each table and chair set is an engraved silver circle, and wax marks where ceremonial candles appear to have been set.

125. As you enter the peculiar inn, all surfaces of the the place seems to be coated with... sugar. Tiny insects seem to be enjoying their stay. One, extremely beautiful shouts at the bartender, "What is this? An inn for ants?!" before turning right, completely rotating until he's turned left facing the door, and leaves, exasperated.

126. At the center of this circular Inn, is a large bonfire a large opening in the ceiling above it, wooden stools surrounding it, with one large wooden chair breaking the chain. When it reaches midnight, an old man sits in the large chair, pulls out a violin and begins telling a rather horrifying story between the tense, yet fitting notes he's playing. People begin to sit around the now lit bonfire, listening in fascination.

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