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I feel... silly posting this to the Paizo boards, but I figured that some people might not know about this resource. And I love to spread the love.

The other night, my Beloved Spouse (Kobold chorus: "We love you!") looked at me and picked up the 'gifting discussion' from several days earlier. You all probably know the one. "What do you want for Winter Gifting Holiday?" "Um, I have no idea." "Ok, well, lemme know if you figure something out."

So, she looks at me and gives me the puppy eyes, and asks for a copy of the Megatraveller Box Set. Which was printed decades ago, and has been out of print for many decades.

While still chatting about this, I head over to Noble Knight Games and immmediately found a Near Mint copy for under $30.

I will always buy from Paizo first, save for the mega-impulse buys that take me to my FLGS's, but it's nice to know that I can find incredible quality out of print items on a moment's notice.

That is all!

If I'm looking for anything out of print and/or previously owned, Noble Knight is my first stop; an outstanding online shop. And they do trades!

Edit: I just realized that sounded like an ad blurb. It's not; they truly do have a good bunch of guys running the place there.

I have ordered TONS of out-of-print RPG books from The Noble Knight. The selection keeps me coming back. I've also recommended it to people. Not a month ago, the great yoda8myhead was upset at not finding a certain book. I referred him to The Noble Knight, pointing out the available copy there, and he snatched it right up, not ten minutes later. You can read the whole drama here.

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