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I think I made a mistake. I played in a few games at a convention a while back. I got #112267 and a confirmation code. I came to the website to try to input them. I couldn't find anywhere to put them in. I clicked on create a character, because I didn't see a better option and it said I am Pathfinder #95850.

What should I do to fix this?

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I'm going to assume that at the gameday someone used your #112267 to report some of your characters.

Have you played/reported any games on #95850?

Don't worry too much. The paper sheet is the official record either way, as long as you have those you're good.

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No, I have not played any games with #95850. So, I should just continue to use #112267 and not worry about registering the character online?

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I believe either campaign leadership here, or customer service, can merge two numbers

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Yeah, if you contact he should be able to hook you up with the correct number.

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I emailed him. Thanks.

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