Orders nos. 3104496 and 3104497

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It looks like I got two orders merged together that I didn't mean to --

Order 3104496 is for Inner Sea Gods, Death's Heretic, and The Redemption Engine.

Order 3104497 is for The Advanced Class Guide.

I thought I had paid for the two orders to ship separately, but it looks like they're scheduled to ship as one package.

Since it'll be months until the ACG is out, that is somewhat undesirable.

It didn't occur to me to check until I realized that my first order should've at least shipped by now.

Please advise if I need to do anything to help correct this. If I need to be charged extra for the shipping, you're authorized to do so.

Paizo Employee Paizo Customer Service Algorithm

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Zhangar, I gave the order a quick poke and order #3104496 should be shipping out shortly. :)

- Erik Keith

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