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I need some good suggestions for spells to take of the Conjuration sub school for levels. 3-6.

Create Pit, maybe the best spell at this level. Stinking Cloud, SM II, SM III, Grease, Mage Armor, Glitterdust (but the recurring saves are frustrating), grab Magic Missle as it scales well and can be used when the encounter is nearly done, Fireball will have it's uses as well. But the conjuration school has a number of useful spells. Oh Aqueous Orb is real nice battlefield control spell, as is Web.

If you feel cheesy, cast aqueous orb and then cast hideous laughter on whomever gets enveloped by the orb to make them insta-drown.

Stone call as a level 2 spell has nice range and effect. It combines well with daze too.

Liberty's Edge

I meant spell levels 3-6 not character levels. I had not thought about aqueous orb that's a nice one.

Black tentacles is classic. Spiked pit might also be worth it when you have slots to spare, the other pit spells are underwhelming for their levels. Hungry pit could be amazing you're not facing flying or huge opponents though.

Dimension door, of course. And teleport.

Summon monster 6 can get you a bard with the lilend azata, if you don't have one in your party.

Quicken stone call could have its uses.

Gotta second aqueous orb as well. That and the pits spells are fun to add Persistent to!

Persistent grease, create pit, glitterdust, stinking cloud, acid pit, hungry pit.

Dazing acid arrow, stone call, aqueous orb, ice spears, acid pit

Obscuring mist, sleet storm, black tentacles, dimension door, teleport, wall of stone, summon monster 5-6



- Acid Splash


- Air Bubble
- Grease
- Mage Armor
- Mount
- Obscuring Mist
- Summon Monster I
- Unseen Servant


- Create Pit
- Fog Cloud
- Glitterdust
- Stone Call
- Summon Monster II
- Summon Swarm
- Web



- Acqueos Orb
- Mad Monkeys
- Rain of Frogs
- Spiked Pit
- Stinking Cloud
- Summon Monster III


- Acid Pit
- Dimension Door
- Black Tentacles
- Fleshworm Infestation
- Ghost Wolf
- Solid Fog
- Summon Accuser
- Summon Monster IV


- Cloud Kill
- Hungry Pit
- Planar Binding Lesser
- Summon Infernal Host
- Summon Monster V
- Teleport
- Wall of Stone


- Acid Fog
- Conjure Black Pudding
- Getaway
- Planar Binding
- Summon Monster VI
- Wall of Iron



- Create Demiplane Lesser
- Mage's Magnificent Mansion
- Plane Shift
- Summon Monster VII
- Teleport, Greater
- Walk Through Space


- Create Demiplane
- Incendiary Cloud
- Maze
- Planar Binding, Greater
- Summon Monster VIII
- Trap the Soul
- Wall of Lava


- Clashing Rocks
- Create Demiplane, Greater
- Gate
- Interplanetary Teleport
- Summon Monster IX
- Teleportation Circle
- Tsunami

Hope it helps :3


Hmmm. Intensified Snowball is a great combo if you don't mind an effective 2nd level spell.

A nice combo full of eff and euw would be Acid Pit and Cloudkill.

On a side note, if your a conjuration (teleportation) you should really take dimensional agility. The ability to teleport and then act is amazing, especially when you can do it as a supernaturalswift action! No pprovoking and the 15+ feat will get you outside the range of most anything aoo range.

I'd also consider Summon good monster. This feat makes summoning roughly twice as good imo. There is also Summon neutral monster but i haven't found it nearly as strong or versatile.

As far as spells, my suggestions will be based off the fact your at least an 11th level caster since that's when you get 6th level spells, and what's good at 5th level is different than at 11th.

Stinking Cloud - wonderful debut and battlefield control.
Mad monkeys - scales pretty nicely and is hilarious.
Persisten Aqueous Orb - this can be a little hard to land (hence the persistent) but it can really screw up someone's day when it does. You can still use a first level rod for persistent, a worthwhile investment. It's especially fun when you get a nearby cliff to roll the group over!

Black Tentacles - a classic for a reason. This can end encounters. Combine with spells like stinking, acid or cloud kill, slow, wall of stone etc. For hilarious effect. "I'm just throwing up this stonewall around them because what's about to happen is not rated pg!"
Ddoor - your get out of here card

cloud kill - ouch
wall of stone - so wonderfully versatile.
permanency - if your GM allows this, it's great. Not conjuration but this really helps you become more of a God wizard.
Teleport - you should probably always know this. If your lucky at this point in the game you have a base of some sort you can escape to.
Summon Monster 5 - generally you probably only want the highest level summoning you can cast, but you'll probably find use for one of these every day.

getaway - this is like contingency built into teleport. The duration isn't the best but should last for most dungeons. The only bad thing is you have to be conscious and if you need to make a tactical retreat, you may already be down. But it stacks with contingency, so you can have 2 different save my life cards...which doesn't suck.
Summon Monster 6 - summoning starts to get really good at this level. Unfortunately wizards aren't the best summoners, but you could use this for any major combat. The lillend azata is usually a really solid choice, but there are many solid ones at this level, especially with Summon good monster.
contingency - come on....This is so good.

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