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There's info in a bunch of different threads and I just wanted to consolidate it all in one place.

We are in the middle of transitioning our Store from Paizo to our own managed environment. The transition is taking longer than we planned and we are finding and fixing problems with the transfer. We appreciate everyone's patience.

We haven't made a press release or a mass email about this transition yet (including to the Kickstarter system) because we're not done. When we're done, we'll be making those announcements.

There's no rush. Right now there is no immediate time pressure - nobody is in jeopardy of missing out on the start of Alpha or anything else because of the length of this transition. We'll get all our ducks in a row before we reach that point. My advice is to just sit tight and do nothing until we tell you we're ready.

There is a complication with the Land Rush Leaderboard. We need to get the account management functions working correctly and there's a complexity with the Kickstarter Buddy and Guild accounts that is blocking us from completing that part of the transition. We won't turn on the Land Rush and its associated systems until we're comfortable with our solutions to those issues.

We do appreciate the folks who took a plunge into the dark waters and are using the tools in their current conditions. If you run into a problem we have set up the email address to allow you to communicate those problems to us. That's the right way to ask for help - a post here on the forums is likely to be overlooked. That email goes to my inbox and I'll be working tomorrow to process all the messages that have already been sent to it. I have not yet looked at any of them, but I'll faithfully work through the queue tomorrow as fast as I can.

We will continue to post updates on our progress as we believe the information will be relevant and helpful to the community.


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Bugs happen, and they can be devils to iron out. Best of luck to the goblins, I'll happily wait.

Good job getting some of them handled so quickly.

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Thank you for the unofficial heads up. I was going to check out how to give my Buddy account to someone, but now I will wait until it is all good to go. I wasn't in a hurry, so being patient is easy.

Also, I gotta say, I am amazed at how much you folks at GW actually talk to the community. It is almost like you care about more than getting our money. Crazy.

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Lord Zodd wrote:
I am amazed at how much you folks at GW actually talk to the community.


Thanks for the heads up Ryan.

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Lord Zodd wrote:

...Also, I gotta say, I am amazed at how much you folks at GW actually talk to the community. It is almost like you care about more than getting our money. Crazy...



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I am confident that the Goblins are working as quickly as they can to resolve issues. That being said, might I suggest that in the mean time in an effort to keep the excitement of the Landrush announcement going you might let us have a sneak peak at the next iteration of the Landrush map that includes the new locations of H, AB, and AD?

If that would take too much time away from getting things ready to go (I know you are working on enormous tasks with few hands) than a no would be a quite acceptable answer.

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Good to hear about what's going on, thanks for the heads up.

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Had a "minor issue" myself over the weekend. Sent an email to that email address (not knowing it was going to Ryan himself), and received a response and a fix this morning. Excellent customer service, it seems. ;)

I'm assuming some of the outstanding Guild issues would include the Pioneer Buddies? I had my Buddies check their pledges, and they seem "gone" at the moment.

Regardless, we'll wait until the next update/announcement before breaking anything else. :P

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