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I don't know if this is the right question for PRD questions, but...

...why aren't Bestiary 4 monsters on the PRD? It's been out for more than six months, and Mythic rules were up in a month or maybe a little more, don't remember exactly, but way less than that.

I was wondering the exact same thing.

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Unfortunately there are some higher priority items grabbing at our attention and they have pushed getting this on the PRD down the list. We definitely have it on our radar, along with some other PRD items that are very much needed.

Ah, thanks.

Jeez, they must be really busy.

Can we hope to have the Bestiary 4 included in the PRD at the same time than the Advanced Class Guide (announced in September) ?

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How about right now? :)


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Chris Lambertz wrote:
How about right now? :)

Thank you. It's much appreciated.

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Thank you for adding the Tech Guide and Bestiary 4. Overall the redesign is nice, but some things (like the tables in the Core class area) are spaced really large, which makes it much harder to see the information (at least on my decidedly old laptop).

Or really it's just a spacing thing - all of columns are spaced based on the header text so the BAB column is HUGE but the Specials column is skinny even though that is the column that should be the widest.

This is using Firefox 30.0

Chris Lambertz wrote:
How about right now? :)

Thank you !

The poor stats for the empyreal lords still makes me rage. (Why's the wendigo, a jumped-up cannibalism spirit, get to have a better Int then celestial demigods?)

However, the Technology Guide's up so that should improve my mood. :)

Not sure where to report this, but the wyrwood link on the index page needs some surgery.

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