Characters Thread


So, I'm making this thread for people to post characters that GMs may want or need for their campaign, so instead of GMs necroing their recruitment thread for another skill monkey, they can look on here.


Oh, definitely putting this little guy here. :)

I think this is actually a pretty good idea. I may put some characters up on here later.

cool idea!

i would suggest having some sort of template for each person's post, i doubt many GMs are going to click each character and read through them. Even just class/archetype/level would be a big time-saver.

hey here is Shishka

I call her "Shishka Boom" and her trusty GRAPPLING HOOK!

gnome bard (prankster) / gunslinger (experimental gunsmith)

Liberty's Edge

Human / Illusionist 1

This seems very interesting. I might just have to put my Fighter/Sentinel of Urgathoa up here. Who doesn't like a good scythe fighter?

Changeling Witch with adorable fox familiar.

Grand Lodge

Looking for an Eyes of the Ten game.


Liberty's Edge

I have him basically worked out at 20 point buy...somewhere there wanders a sturdy dwarf...he carries the crossbow and greataxe he crafted...but wears no armor...wizards almost never do....

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