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I just joined a game that has been running for a little over a year and need some help selecting non-specialty spells for my Wizard 9/Cypermage 3. I am making a Thessilonian Specialist with the wrath(evocation) concentration. Any non-evocation spell suggestions would be appreciated.

The rest of the party consists of an Oracle, a warden, a samurai/ninja trickster, and a fighter(my wife). Everyone is level 12 and they just got to Jorgenfist in Book 4. Oh and my DM is allowing me to add 3 spells/level to my spellbook instead of the standard 2 because I'm coming in so late into the campaign.

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Goblins ate my post earlier :( Here's draft two.

Wrath casters lose Abjuration and Conjuration, so you're down a lot of defensive and control abilities. You should grab a few illusions and enchantments to compensate.

Dominate person(5), to flip a few giants from their side to yours.

Haste(3), to buff your allies (including flipped giants.)

Fly(3) / Overland flight(5) to keep out of melee.

Greater invis(4) to prevent giants from hitting you with rocks after you fireball them. A wand of vanish(1) at CL 2 or 3 will help you conserver higher level spell slots during less important fights.

Mirror image(2) will prevent a lot of hits.

Spectral hand(2) will help you land touch spells at range like Curse.

Bestow Curse(4) will lower enemy saves to help you hit with save or die/suck spells.

Phantasmal killer(5) will kill a lot of things, especially with lowered saves.

Disintegrate (6) is a great non-evocation attack.

Eyebite (6) is also fun.

There's a lot of other great spells, so don't be afraid to crack open the spell list and read a while.

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