Gnolls (Pathfinder PC Race)


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Scarab Sages

I don't know where you're finding all of this, but I only have the PFW to look at. And I still don't see why you're arguing with me. Literally all I did was post what I was doing in MY home game. And I still disagree with you. Mechanically, I don't think any race other than maybe Orc should have more than 1 bonus two a phys stat, so I adapted it and did things the way I see fit. I never said my stuff was supported by any written rules or mechanics, I just said that I did what makes sense to me. In MY game. So, you can keep posting all you want, I'm not changing my own home game rules. Especially not on custom racial stats for an advanced group of gnolls led by a demoniac and an evangelist of Lamashtu. It works better mechanically, and my players have read exactly what I've read and have agreed with me.

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