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Hey all! For all who yearn to relive the glory days of Thundaria, here's your chance! Remember, this is an interest check only, want to make sure there is enough people who want to do this first.

OK ok, Cheetara being a formative role-model and all, against my better judgement I'll bite!

Were you thinking each player takes a famous ThunderCat or that we create new ones to add to the existing world? Maybe next generation, or even newly found and thawed from stasis?

I'm certainly curious and have a catfolk itch to scratch darn you!

hehe, This would be pretty interesting. I wasn't super big into Thunder Cats, but this could be a pretty fun campaign.

Scarab Sages

Was wondering the exact same thing as that fiend Zen.

Alright, so I have some basic concepts for character races up:
-The Thundercat Houses: Each of these houses has contributed a great hero or villain in the history of Thundaria. They are: The House of the Lion, the House of the Cheetah, the House of the Panther, the House of the Tiger, the House of the Lynx, the House of the Puma, and the House of the Bengal. Each of these houses offer specific stat bonuses and other bonuses.

--The House of the Lion
---+2 Wis, +2 Str
---All Catfolk racial traits.
---Stalwart: Lions gain a +4 save bonus versus charm, sleep, and fear effects.
---King of Thundaria: At Level 7, a Lion can challenge the current leader of Thundaria to a nonlethal duel. If he wins, he claims the throne. If he loses, he cannot challenge again for seven years and a day.

What do you think of this?

Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight. I see a great campaing coming from this.

Lion-O as a paladin, or Warpriest would be pretty sweet

This is awesome and I approve!

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Old show Thundercats canon, or new show?

Canon will be most of it, with some elements that I like from the new series.

Note: No caster classes. Instead, use the WoA Steamwright and Thunder Scout.

Only casters allowed are druids and oracles. The wielder of the Sword gestalts into paladin, as well.

Interested...tell me more

Definitely interested in seeing this unfold. Thundercats hold an ever so special place in my heart.

Can I be a party-friendly Mumra knockoff? :-)

Well... It was suggested multiple times throught the series that Mumm-ra was simply one of a powerful race of beings. In fact, a Pharoh fought Mumm-ra once in an episode! Maybe you are part of an elite guard kept in stasis, to be unleashed in the event of something in the balance of the universe going horribly wrong... It MAY have something to do with the Book of Omens, but I'm not giving away anything more than that.


I am so interested in this game!!!

BTW, what does WoA refer to? I'm not familiar with that.

Thunderscape: World of Aden. It's a new campaign setting for the Pathfinder rules that just got off the ground. It has a mainly steampunk theme.

I'm in. I just watched the first season with again with kids the other day and thought it was weird it and Silverhawks never got a game along with TMNT and Macross.

Would any one be able to play the other animal people or just the thundercats?

Gridlock, are you saying you want to play as a Ro-Bear Burble?

I vaguely know thundercats show, I've seen a few episodes, but I know the concept. I would be the up close an personal fighter that kills all threats, even if the monster is like 7 CRs above us. This does not mean I will necessariy be the fighter class, but I would be the one with medium or heavy armor up close to kill whatever, if people want to run, I'm not going to force them to fight with me. If I have to fight it alone and from range, I would do that.

Any suggestions as to what house I'd belong in?

Sounds like you would be in the House of Badass-I mean Panthers.

I will totally encourage you to play a Burble-Snarves are also an option.

what type of armor were you thinking about? You know since they didn't wear any.

Ashe wrote:
what type of armor were you thinking about? You know since they didn't wear any.

okay, but this is pathfinder, I'm sure it would still have pathfinder items and rules unless the DM says otherwise. I would not play a game that didn't have D&D or Pathfinder rules because I would have a hard time.

If you don't know thundercat canon you will already have a hard time roleplaying in this.

Will there be a Snarf. Snarf may be possible as bard.

Yes... I like that... A Bard Snarf...

A snarf is a necessity for any Thunder Cat party. I will greatly appreciate it if somebody plays a snarf.

The Bard Snarf, of course, for his bardic performance would cue the band to play the Thundercats theme.

A bard Snarf sounds magnificent.

I would plan on playing a burble alligator. I may get some things wrong because I haven't watched the show in awhile but I do remember a alligator that was fun to laugh at.

Ummm Yes please this could be fun.

You should also allow for the House of Wilie for a small version of character especially if they have the flying surfboards.

You speak of Thundera should this be considered the distant planet and we are like the original cats who arrive on 3rd Earth and have to build or the City of Thundera and the cats are the recently deposed empire.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Can I be a party-friendly Mumra knockoff? :-)

There was near the end of the original series a female character introduced called Mumrana. I found here exceedingly lame, however there is series precedent for a good mummy type.

The whole premise is that Lion-O, after establishing alliances between Third Earth and Thundera, has passed away. An usurper from the nefarious House of Saber (the house Groon came from) has arisen and taken the throne, the Sword, and the Book of Omens. Luckily, no one except of the purest heart can unlock the true power of the artifacts.

A grizzled Panthro, sensing the usurption, gathered a young Thundercat from each of the houses and began training them. It was a good thing, too, because not a week after the worlds were thrown into chaos. Now, five years later you have completed your training.

It is time to take Thundera back.

And yes, I would allow two characters from House of Wilie.

This sounds more and more amazing every time you post, DLoGMs!

Have to agree with TimFrie, I said to myself 'no more games' no matter how interesting the concept...and yet!

This sounds epic in the making =D

So is it safe to say that the interest is high enough cause I really like the idea.

Alright, oi. Gonna hafta get the houses up soon, as well as character gen rules.


Are you proposing that each house will have different stat bonuses and abilities or will it be more lore and cosmetic difference.

Woo hoo! Can't wait!

Very interested. I'd love to play Panthro's apprentice. A mechanical genius monk sounds like a lot of fun to play.

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Ashe wrote:

Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight. I see a great campaing coming from this.

Lion-O as a paladin, or Warpriest would be pretty sweet

Paladin, Lion-O was brave and occasionally had the aspects of a leader, but war-priest would imply far more wisdom than the character generally showed. And I'd have interest, possibly for a somewhat monkish type. Or possibly go against the grain and do wizard.

The Houses will have different stat bonuses and abilities.

And, no, I'm afraid I can't let you be a wizard. Sorry, but the only wizards will be ancient enemies-and old friends.

How am I doing at mysteriously alluding to things?

I think you are doing a good job of alluding thing's and I personally have no sense of any plot at the moment but can tell you have one.

what level would we start at? We doing point buy or rolling for stats?

This is Gnomezrule's submission. So premature it is bordering on annoying, I know. I worked this up for consideration. I wanted to be ready when the time comes and I wanted to get your take on it and if you felt it fit the flavor you were shooting for.

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