Surfer Themed Sorcerer


For a long while now, I've wanted to make a Surfer themed halfling. Slipstream being the spell of choice obviously, I'm intending to go with the Seaborn wildblood of the aquatic bloodline.

Themes: NG, surfer/stone, lots of water based spells. In addition to the bloodline spells, Hydraulic Torrent and perhaps Touch of the Sea.

Going to play it in PFS. Faction suggestions?

Spell suggestions? Particularly for first and second level spells. In combat will probably end up being more buffing or battlefield control than straight up damage. All the usual first level spells don't really fit the theme, (mage armor, magic missile, etc) so other ideas are welcome.

Thanks for the assistance.

Grand Lodge

Grease is a cool spell as you surf over the affected area without problem.
Combine the wavesurfing (slipstream) with levitate and tumble for some great stunts!
I have used Air Bubble (+no verbal component) alot as you can get total cover quickly by diving under the water and still cast spells. By level 9 it is obsolete as you can breath both water and air (aquatic bloodline)
Try to get freedom of movement; driving around inside your own Aqueous Orb is fitting for the theme.
Try Hydrophobia as a mob repellent while surfing around.

Have fun

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