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Hi I'm building a Alchemist as a backup character And I've chosen to focus on Mutagens (strength) with him Just so I can make a total hulk out of him
He is level 5 and got str 21
What levels go I have chosen to pick one ind Barbarian(Drunken Brute) and the rest in Alchemist ( Ragechemist ) I get +6 from Alchemist and plus 4 from the Barbarian that Adds up to a total of 31 strength so now I'm thinking what can I do to boost my strength even more

I can't wait to see the faces on the other guys when I Throw a Horse after someone

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My advice here is to skip Ragechemist. It isn't worth it. With an Int of somewhere between 12 and 16 while mutagen'd, you will only have to get hit 6-8 times before you go comatose. This may sound like a lot, but there are plenty of creatures that can hit you 6-8 times in 1 full attack. Instead, I'd go with a Beastmorph alchemist, which gives you stuff like Pounce, Fly speeds, and IIRC, natural attacks. Combine with Vivisectionist for best effect.

Just up your intelligence a bit and rage chemist will be fine. If it stacks with Drunken Brute, might I suggest Invulnerable Rager? Less damage is always nice.

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Ragechemist is bad, do not take it.

Beastmorph is better, but not absolutely essential. Ditto Vivisectionist (which stacks with Beastmorph, I believe). Invulnerable Rager is maybe not worth it if only getting a 2 or 4 level dip in Barbarian, but very worth it if you go more, and does indeed stack with Drunken Brute.

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I am currently playing a heavy alchemist like this as well. While barbarian is great for the boost you get form rage, consider mixing some fighter in for the bonus feats. Having ready access to feats like combat expertise has saved my hide more than once. I ended up stalling his alchemist progression by a level so he gets feat and discovery at the same time, and with my most recent level gave him a pair of extra arms. Now i'm TWF with two hands on each attack. It starts to add up with power attack and a beefed up str real fast.

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