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...I'd play that.

Rogue Genius Games has a Magus book with a spontaneous casting archetype called the Cabalist.

Bloodline Spontaneous Magus

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I have invented two of these! They can be plucked from this googledoc.

You're looking for the Hexblade, which is designed to evoke the 3.5 class of the same name and has Hexcrafter features, but mostly stays close to the vanilla Magus class.

Also the Ascetic, which is a wisdom-based supernatural martial artist.

The Eldritch Scion from the Advanced Class Guide! Thanks Paizo!

I vote for the Spiderhawk all the way. Sort of a full-class version of the Arcane Trickster in a way. Haven't checked the balance too closely, but it seems well-made. Some people might object to Intelligence-based spontaneous casting. I find it awesome. Another, Charisma-based, option would be the Extempresario.

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Wouldn't be too hard to homebrew one.
1) Magus gains spontaneous casting using Charisma and the bard's spell progression.
2) Magus uses Charisma instead of Intelligence for magus arcana and similar magus class features that rely on Intelligence.
3) Replace spell recall and improved spell recall. I hate to do this for archetype reasons, but this cannot be avoided since improved spell recall won't work at all with spontaneous casting.

René P wrote:
The Eldritch Scion from the Advanced Class Guide! Thanks Paizo!

I wrote a small essay explaining why that archetype is so bad.

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Great summary of the flaws of that perplexingly horrible archetype. Good gods, the Eldritch Scion. It almost requires a sort of mad genius to so effortlessly make what was supposed to be spontaneous alternative to the magus feel so, well, un-spontaneous.

Homebrewing one of these should be easy though. Minimally, one gives them 4 skill ranks per level, changes all casting and Int-based class features to work off of Cha and obviously makes the casting spontaneous. Spells per day remain the same and Spells Known as a bard. Spell recall I'm not sure what to do about though. Would just being able to recall expended spell slots be workable?

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