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Lets say I want to craft a Belt of Giant Strength +2.

It has a Caster Level of 8 and a requirement of Craft Wonderous Item and Bull's Strength.

Lets say I meet those requirements but I'm 6th level. Can I craft the belt?

In the rules it says that if you don't meet a requirement to make a magic item, you can bump up the DC by 5.

So if I'm 6th level, can I just bump up the DC to make the item form 13 to 18? Or do I have to be 8th level to make it?

You can make it, you just increase the check DC by 5.

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The crafting rules tell you that you can ignore ANY requirement for an extra 5 on the DC. The only requirement you can't ignore is the basic crafting feat.

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That caster level is not a requirement. It is only an example cl for found treasure. You can create the belt with a level of 3, which is the minimum level for the required spell.

Unless the caster level is in the requirements, you don't have to be that level. +1's to armor and weapons for example, require you to be the bonus x 3 caster level.

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