GM Check


Anybody willing to GM a summoner? He would pretty much be filling the party's bruiser role. Thanks!

You can join my campaign. 28 buy points, we are currently level 7. Any race except 3rd party.

curious, what campaign would that be?

I might want to lurk a bit to check it out.

Alright, Double. I'll PM you the specifics. Is it an AP or homebrew?

homebrew, definitely homebrew, with even a few rules changed about how things work, just click on my profile and go to nightmarish campaign, it should be under my posts. Then once there, go to recruitment page and look up the rules. I'm too lazy to find the link and post it.

While walking in the park, I came up with an insane idea... It's gonna require its own thread, let me tell you...

Double... Sorry to disappoint you, but... I always feel uncomfortable jumping into the middle of a campaign. Sorry :(

Hey, if you're looking for players I'd be more than happy to drop in

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