Tuba Bard?


What do you think? I'm thinking of blowing all of his money on a specially adapted tuba that he can use as a shield. Or should I do the same thing, except with sousaphone armor?

This is not a joke. I am serious.

Could you convince your DM to let you flavor your shield as a tuba? The idea is definitely within the incredibly silly category but if that's your DM's cup of tea it wouldn't be game breaking for it to just be a shield in all but name; remember that most Bards are using Oratory/Sing/Dance and not carrying an instrument at all. You're not getting anything more than them with your more novel concept.

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Why not take Perform (percussion instruments) and wear a breastplate made from a washboard or a xylophone, a shield made from a cymbal or a gong, a helmet made from a bell and wield a cabasa or a shekere as a mace? That's an entire suit of armor and a weapon. Better yet, your armor would be made of stuff intended to be struck so you'd get to make Perform checks or use Bardic performances when people hit you.

I would imagine that you could take proficiency in a tower shield and adapt a tuba to work as both that and an instrument. That would, however, take away your weapon. Not that you could use one carrying a Cailendamn tuba around anyway.

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You could just draw a picture of a tuba on a shield and make tuba-like sounds with your mouth.

Needs more cowbell. Or an admantine vuvuzela.

Someone beat me to cowbell. I whole heartedly support going for absurd bard concepts. Realistically armoring the tuna would screw up the acoustics of the tuba but just ignore that if your dm oks it.

Lead them into battle with your polka dirge!

The tuba was only invented in the real world less than 200 years ago, so I guess you'd need to clear with your GM it's permitted in his campaign anyways.

But if you get it and are using it as a shield, I'd expect to find it targetted with sunder attempts, leaving you without an instrument. Also a tuba weighs about 25 lbs, a strengthened one as a shield would add somewhat to that. A regular metal heavy shield in pathfinder only weighs 15 lb, so your tuba-shield would be unwieldy and have a huge armour check penalty.

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