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I am final proofing the printer copy...Holy D1 Batman--this thing reminds me so much of the Vault of the Drow series, it may be my new favorite Chuck Wright special.

Matt, Skeet, James and Chuck did a phenomenal job on this thing. I am taking it off sale for a few days while I work something out on our end...don't panic, it shall return soon.

Only 1000 copies may have not been enough.

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For those who are going to ask: Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 is weighing in at 160 pages.

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Publisher, Frog God Games

I have not sen something that reminded me of Lolth's place in a long, long time...the inset maps are priceless

Maybe I missed a memo somewhere, but will there be a PDF option for this? If so, how much scratch to own it? I would go for a HB version, but with only 1000 copies I probably won't be able to snag one before having to pay through the nose on the secondary market...

Publisher, Frog God Games

Yes, of course

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Looking forward to it!

Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 is weighing in at 160 pages.


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mach1.9pants wrote:

Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 is weighing in at 160 pages.


And I still say (arguably) best underground city (Izamne) published.



Oooh I can't wait!!!

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I need to pick this up after the backerkit for Lost City is sent out.

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Yeah, Matt is going hog wild with the Under Realms.

When/where can i pick this up? I see no information on this on the FGG site.

Publisher, Frog God Games

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soon, soon...

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If you want it, it's in the Bundle of Holding, https://bundleofholding.com/presents/LostLands , for another couple days.

I think my CD2 stuff is being posted to me, just need to find the PDFs for early reading cheating!

Seems I have 2 copies of CD1 for S&W and none for Pathfinder.

Sadly the PDFs, all the older ones, aren't up on the FGG site. Also the old APLUS DL site not working any more. So hopefully Viking Frog can get this sorted for us!

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Hey mach1.9pants and brvheart! Have you guys sent Chris (Viking Frog) an email at https://froggodgames.com/contact-us? It sounds like maybe you have, but if not he's unlikely to see your comments here as he doesn't visit the message boards that frequently.

Just wanted to make sure we had somebody working on the problem. :-)

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Greg, Mach and Heart,

I sent him a similar message when I realized I had downloaded my S&W version into my Pathfinder folder. I also saw Tsar was not in my downloads or RA, and others. I sent Chris an message about it. I am sure he is aware of the issue no, but more folks mentioning it the better.

Now, I am going to do another back up of all my FFG stuff.

@Greg, I emailed Chris about my Sundered Kingdoms pdf and he was right on it, thanks:) My issue is I am not sure I actually bought the pathfinder version of CD1. I bought the S&W version last year at NTRPGCon but you guys were out of the Pathfinder version and them Bill sent me another one so I ended up with 2. I have the first 4 chapters of it though. Just short chapter 5 and the over all one.

@Shem I do try and keep all my FGG stuff backed up on a mirrored drive! Nice to have it out on the server also though:)

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brvheart, you'll probably have to ask Bill about that to sort through the purchase records. I'm not sure even Chris has access to that info.

I keep everything backed up (Onsite NAS and offsite upload place) so not terribly worried. But Krista sent an email on my behalf when I asked .

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Did I read somewhere at some point that this will be made into one big book ala Slumbering Tsar?

I've been sorta waiting on that to buy it. Or was I dreaming?

Dreaming I think, it is already 2 hardcovers.

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