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It's not really a big problem, but at the start of the Skinsaw Murders, the PC's in my group are almost at the sixth level. Some luck with random encounters (10 skeletons, 2 rat swarms), a bit of exp reward for good roleplaying and fast progression.

So, the question - what should I do, to make their life a bit harder, without dramatically increasing the CR's of monsters/encounters (which will result in increasing exp reward)?

I don't want to stop giving them exp after every game session (6-9 hours of gameplay deserve some moral reward) and go to the rules, where they level-up only when I say that the moment has come.

The party consists of:
- Samsaran witch (pacifist, healer, buffer).
- Elf black-blade/hexcrafter-magus (hits hard - second damage dealer, but after that, his luck often gets him dying on the floor).
- Druergar Preacher-Inquisitor (rivals magus on damage dealing, but also servers as drawer of enemies attention with his greatsword... if he's not far away from the party, for some bad reason).
- Half-Elf Summoner (mostly, it's his eidolon - prime damage dealer, who gets the job done with killing enemies. Summoner is for some help here and there, like, occasionally, guarding the witch).

Sorry for my English, by the way. Not a native speaker.

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Some possible fixes:

Get rid of random encounters until their levels match up to where they're supposed to be.

Possibly take out a section of the AP you don't like.

Switch to medium XP track until they're back on track.

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It may be too late in your game, or simply too drastic a change, but you could stop using XP altogether and instead level the party when it is appropriate to the story.

I haven't used XP in years and this has been a huge benefit to me (as a GM) and my group. RotRL, being fairly linear, really lends itself to going XP-less.


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Or just keep doing what you're doing. XP will sort itself out in the long run. They'll just have an easier time with the book (not necessarily a bad thing when they go up again TPX!).

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Also to make things a bit more challenging, one of the easiest things you can do is max out all enemies' hps, instead of the average as it's presented in the stat block.

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Another simple fix would be to apply the Advanced Simple Template to all enemies (basically +2 to every roll).


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