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Hi guys,

This Flex Time thread can be used for conversations, etc. that you might want to have while hanging out in places between main plot points. Have at it! (Or don't, I'm a forum post, not a cop.)

Female Human Brawler 2
HP: 22/22 // AC: 15 (16 CE), touch: 12 (13 CE), flat-footed: 13 // Fort: +5, Ref: +6, Will: +1 // Init: +2 // Perception: +6

During her daily routine, or perhaps before the group heads to the festival, Raina stops in at a blacksmith to see if she can get some better armour. Her old set was pretty useless now, having a big ol' sword cut through the midsection...

I'd like to buy a chain shirt, or better yet, a masterwork chain shirt. Norv, are you okay with masterwork items being enchanted (i.e., I could make it a +1 chain shirt later on)?

I'll also buy some silk rope, because I'm tired of not having rope to tie people up with! :P

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

As the group wanders around, Korriban goes into various shops, seeing if he can sell off some of the loot. He splits the profits among the six of them.

Trying to sell the hand crossbow, the teak cigar case inlaid with flecks of jade, the gold ingot bearing the coat of arms of Cheliax, and the fist-sized carving of a kraken from ivory, with garnets for eyes.

During their trip, Korriban takes out the silver ring. Twirling it in between his fingers, he slips it pack into his pocket. 'Maybe I can find the owner on my own.' He goes into various jewelers, asking if they recognize it.

Yeah, due to the fact that the ring's personalized, Korriban really wants to find the owner or any family. If this can't lead me, then I'll sell it.

He finds the nearest tanner or craftsman. He brings forth the gator skin. He says, "Hello. I was wondering if you would be able to make a pair of boots from this gator skin and how much would it be to make said boots."

He finishes with heading to a weaponsmith. He browses through the rapiers, hoping to upgrade his weapon and sell off his old one. Maybe upgrade his armor if he has the gold.

I'm hoping to buy a masterwork rapier. But with something special. A dragonskin grip. Odd and rare, I know. But very unique and useful. If I can't get a dragonskin grip, then that's fine. I also want to see if I can get some masterwork armor. I'll wait until I get my prices for the loot I'm selling before making said purchases.


Raina: You end up spending about 1.5 silver pieces on your groceries--just buying the basics for some stews, etc.--and add another 1 sp tip to that for Bessa. The Oliphant Ear runs you 7.5 silver, for a total of 1 gold sail spent that morning.

As you shop around on the way to the parade, you find yourself in an armory called Quort's Defensive Solutions. It's run by a bizarre gnome named Quort, but it's got a well-stocked inventory. The proprietor finds both a second-hand chain shirt in your size and a more finely-wrought new one that would fit. The first is on sale for 100 gold sails, the second will run you 250. Silk rope you find in a general store for 10 gold sails.

So, a total of 261 gold sails spent, if you get the masterwork armor. I'm fine with you enchanting it later; is that normally un-kosher? :P

Korriban: Selling the loot off from Lamm's trove at an imports store, you garner a tidy 415 gold sails. Though you visit every jeweler you can find, you scrape up no leads on Emmah--it was a long shot, in a city the size of Korvosa. The last jeweler haggles for a bit, but eventually (with a grumble) passes you 150 gold sails for it and begins to file the inscription off as you head out.

Divided evenly, that's 94 gold, 1 silver, and 6 copper apiece.

In the same armory that Raina visits, you find a fairly nice set of leather armor, though you can't help but feel that your own must work just as well. In Punctilious Points, though, you find a battered old rapier in the back of a room that feels just...right in your hand. The owner, a wizened old man, raises his eyebrows in appreciation when you ask him about it.

"Ah, that's a good piece, young lord--you have fine taste indeed! That's a genuine dragonskin grip on that blade, and rumor has it that it has a history with the Jeggare family, though it's been sitting in that corner for years..."

After some haggling, the shopkeeper refuses to go lower than 57 platinum crowns (570 gold sails) for the rapier.

If you're intending to keep wearing leather armor, I have to point out to you that masterwork armor only decreases the armor check penalty--which, in the case of leather, is 0 to begin with. So it wouldn't do anything for you. The dragonskin grip is expensive; a normal masterwork rapier is available too, and costs 320 gold pieces.


5% chance to find Emmah: 1d100 ⇒ 12
75% chance to find dragonskin grip: 1d100 ⇒ 32

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Dang it, Norv! So tempting! Even with my new gold advances, I still don't have enough! Dang it! *sigh* Oh, well. I'll see if I can buy that supposed Jeggare blade later.

Korriban divides the spoils, saving Teodor's for when they meet with him.

At Quort's Defensive Solutions, Korriban picks up a masterwork set of studded leather. He swaps it out for his leather set, selling it right back.

I'm assuming it would be half of the original price. So the armor would yield 5 gp.

Korriban's brows raise in excitement... only to fall at the haggled price. He carefully puts it away, picking up a normal masterwork rapier. "Unfortunately this is all I can afford at the moment. I'll come back for that dragonskin grip blade." He sells his old rapier back to the owner.

If the above applies, then the rapier would give me 10 gp. I'll update my alias when I get an okay from Norv.


Yep, you can sell items for half their listed price (at the moment, in Korvosa). The merchants will take your goods happily and mark them up for resale. :P

Female Human Brawler 2
HP: 22/22 // AC: 15 (16 CE), touch: 12 (13 CE), flat-footed: 13 // Fort: +5, Ref: +6, Will: +1 // Init: +2 // Perception: +6

I'll go for the masterwork chain shirt and rope, and sell my old studded leather (for 12 gp, 5 silver). I'll also pick up a couple of flasks of alchemist's fire, if that's fine. Total is then 301 gp.

Just to clarify, everyone gets:
- 94.16 gp from selling stuff we got from Lamm's hideout
- 300 gp from the gold bars from the queen
- 167 gp from the reward for dealing with Vancaskerkin

I might make up a loot tracker sheet and go through the thread, because I've been a little lax with keeping track of things...

Female Human Brawler 2
HP: 22/22 // AC: 15 (16 CE), touch: 12 (13 CE), flat-footed: 13 // Fort: +5, Ref: +6, Will: +1 // Init: +2 // Perception: +6

Loot Tracker - I think I got everything, but I'm not sure.

Things included in the actual coinage part:
- Copper and silver found in Lamm's hideout
- Liquidated gold bars from the Queen
- The coin reward from the Field-Marshall

I didn't include the sold jewellery mentioned above, because I'm not 100% sure what was sold and what wasn't sold, yet.

Everyone should be able to modify this as appropriate if I forgot something.

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Okay. Completely updated. I just need to know if I can get the pair of boots from the gator skin. Kind of overlooked that in the upgrading excitement.


Woohoo! Thanks for the loot tracker, Raina! :) Thanks for the reminder, Korriban!

As Korriban is poking around, he finds a leatherworker who looks fairly reputable. A 'prentice leads you to the master, who looks over the hide with interest and what might be distaste. "That's a mighty unusual hide you got there, buddy," he says pulling it out and running his fingers over it. "Decent quality, though not great. Come back in six days and I can have a pair o' boots for you...since you provided the hide I'll cut you a good deal. Call it forty silver shields, and we should be good."

You suspect you might be able to haggle a slightly lower price from him--not that forty shields is all that much for you, anymore.

Diplomacy DC 17:
You manage to talk the leatherworker down to 25 shields (2.5 gp) though he grumbles about having to lay off his workers.


Craft (leather): 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17
Bluff: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17
Korriban's Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban smiles. "Killed the gator myself. I'm lucky that I managed to skin the hide decently in the first place. Forty shields it is. See you in six days." He pays the forty shields.

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

At the Rosa

While eating breakfast, Korriban asks a question to Lialda and Falko, his hair untied and still looking sleepy, but slowly regaining his energy. "So, what kind of improvements are you thinking of for the Rosa? Anything I can help with? Maybe find some interesting looking decorations or find some interesting or newer furniture? Add some more money to the funds?"


Lialda leans back, chewing on her lip idly. "Well, I'd initially thought of buying some newer, fancier furnishings for the front room; we could always use to attract a clientele with heavier purses, and a more beautified front might help with that. But then, I also began to wonder--with all this chaos lately--whether it might be worth our time and money to invest in a vault."

Falko looks surprised at the suggestion. "You think we need one?" he asks.

Lialda shrugs. "I mean, we wouldn't have much use for it now, I admit. But I do wonder if, in the future, we won't want a secure location to store valuables in...and maybe a secure place to hide out, if looting springs up again. Either way, we'll need some more money. What you brought us is a good start, Korri, but either of these would be an expensive undertaking."

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban folds his hands, fingers interlacing, with a look of thought. After a few moments, he turns and says, "Well, Zellara's former home could work as a safe house. But, the problem is that if it becomes a normal hang out for me and my friends and people happen to find out, then you might be trouble. Also, it is in some state of disrepair. So that would require more time, effort, and money. Hmmm... Maybe Kroft has an idea. Otherwise, I'll keep an eye out. How much money do you think we'll need?

Odd question: Does the Rosa have their own grooming kits? Or will I need to buy one separately?


Lialda chuckles. "I'd forgotten about the fortune-teller's house. Yes, I suppose that could work, although it would be preferable to have something here. I'd guess we'd need around 300 gold sails to excavate and shore up a basic vault; you brought us 150, so we're already halfway there." She taps one finger on a tooth thoughtfully. "Do let me know if the Field Marshall has any recommendations." Suddenly, she lets out a sharp laugh. "Ha! Never expected I'd be sending my son to ask the Field Marshall of the Korvosan Guard for renovation advice!" Falko chuckles as well.

I assume you're talking about this one? Since it's so basic, you can just spend the 1 gp and add it to your inventory (the Rosa doesn't have a "stock" of them); it's the sort of thing that technically you probably would've had when we started play, though if not you could pick one up anywhere.

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban nods and chuckles. "Very well. I'll ask her. Asking Field Marshall Kroft for help. What times we live in."

Yes, that grooming kit. Thank you. And I put it in my profile.

With a chuckle and a smile, he asks, "Were you listening to that one guy who came in last night? Completely drunk and without coin? So he tried flirting with the girls? Hehehe. My favorite was, "Your lips are like the wings of sparrows. Red ones. With no feathers." Hehehe."

Basically referencing this at 3:02.

Field Marshal Kroft sighs--tired, but not unhappy-sounding--as she sinks into the hard wooden chair behind her desk and pours out enough glasses for everyone. The wine is a dark red, surprisingly good-looking for someone as unfussy as Kroft. She takes her glass up and sips, smiling at you over the rim.

"Go on, sit," she says dryly. "Abadar's scale, you've done enough for one day. How are you finding life as a Guard auxiliary? Exciting enough for your tastes?" She's clearly teasing, but also seems interested in your feelings.

M Human (Ustalavian) Cleric of Groetus 3/Slum Shaman 1/Evangelist of Groetus 5

"In lands quite far away there is a saying ...half blessing, half curse (ah but what is sapience but half blessing and half curse) 'may you live in interesting times.' These are interesting times, Field Marshall. This city balances precariously. These are not The End Times. This is the work of men."

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban sits and places his feet on the desk. He shrugs. "It's okay. Not really something I actually saw myself doing. You know, being a street kid coming from Bridgefront and all. But, I actually like making a difference in this city." When offered some wine, he gently declines. "No thanks. I like to keep my mind clear."

He thinks for a moment before asking, "Say, Field Marshal Kroft. I'm wondering if you can help me with something. You see, I'm trying to find my birth parents. But I don't have any leads. Can you spare any help?"

After that conversation, he brings this up. "So... Tallak's captured. But the Five Fists are still out there. And if they find out what happened to Tallak, then people might be in danger. Think you can spare any guards to watch my home for protection?"

Kroft chuckles at Teodor's remarks. "May you live in interesting times if that's what you wish, my friend. Not so for me--I'd be quite happy to die, boring, in my bed. But you're right; there's nothing going on here we can't handle, if need be."

When Korriban asks his questions, she frowns slightly, leaning forward and lacing her fingers as she rests her elbows on the desk. "I'm afraid we aren't going to be able to help you much in the search for your parents, Korriban--Korvosa has a thousand orphans, and the Guard has more pressing concerns than trying to track down 20-year-cold trails. I might be able to put you in touch with some private investigators, if you wish, but they typically charge a pretty penny...and few of them are honest enough to tell you when they know they've hit the end of the trail.

"As for Guards at your home..." she leans back slightly and grins. "You're not wrong to worry, and I could spare a few for a couple of days--longer if we found a threat--but do you really think it's worth your time and trouble? Guards may, ah...make some of your family's potential clients a bit skittish." She chuckles, then turns serious. "Honestly, though, I don't think you or your family are in immediate danger. This man showed up complete alone, with no backup--meaning this is either a very loose, decentralized organization, or he's incredibly arrogant. Or both. Either way, I doubt that that many others in the group will be able to discover the details of what happened to him."

M Human (Ustalavian) Cleric of Groetus 3/Slum Shaman 1/Evangelist of Groetus 5

"Especially with all those delicious rumors about his disappearance I'll be planting. I heard it was a Chelish devilprick, come to drag him back for what he did. Or was it that he found religion and sacrificed himself? But perhaps he was bested by a rival."

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban frowns at the fact that Kroft can't help find his parents. He sighs. "It's okay. Had to give it a try. Though, I'll think about those PIs."

At the explanation of the guards, Korriban smiles, "Thanks for that. You're right. Don't want to drive off business."

At Teo's comment, the rogue smiles. "I thought it was that Tallak tried to fight one of the otyguhs in the sewers on a bet. Or maybe that he had a secret shiver addiction and lost his life trying to get some from Eel's End."

Kroft chuckles in delight. "Well, that all sounds fine. Hopefully it'll throw them off the scent." Standing, she smiles. "I don't want to detain you unnecessarily...if there's nothing else you'd like form me, you're welcome to head home. I appreciate having this opportunity to get your thoughts."

Male Human (Varisian) hp 45/56 | AC 22/T 17/FF 15 | CMD 22 | Fort +4 | Ref +7 [+8 v traps] | Will +2 | Init +6 | Perc +13 (+15 to locate traps) | SM +17

Korriban stands and shakes Kroft's hand. "Once again, a pleasure to work with you. I'll see you later." He says his goodbyes and heads back to the Rosa.

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