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I'm trying to create a Mythic Werewolf and I am having trouble. The Mythic Vampire seems to have have so many powers and such that I want to create a Werewolf that could match him, but I have no idea where to start.

The basis of this is that at the beginning of the campaign, the PCs defeated a necromancer that was bringing to life or infecting the living with various supernatural diseases and a few infected folks escaped, a zombie, a vampire and a werewolf. The next time they encounter them, these folks have become powerful entities in their own right as they are the first of their kind.

Any suggestions?

Mythic Werewolf

  • A more powerful animal/hybrid form, obviously. Aside from increased ability modifiers, adding universal monster abilities would be a good idea: bleed (bite and claws), blood rage, ferocity, frightful presence, pounce, and rend (claws) are all thematic; a bonus to land speed, too, would be fitting. You can also borrow some of the champion and/or guardian's path abilities, such as absorb blow, for such a mythic beast.

  • Fast healing and immunity to diseases (in all forms).

  • Some sort of "improved" lycanthropic empathy, whereby the mythic werewolf can dominate wolves (no save).

  • The ability call upon nearby wolves for aid (this could function similarly to the vampire's children of the night ability, triggered whenever the mythic werewolf howls).

  • A mythic version of the lycanthrope's curse, whereby those afflicted are counted as natural werewolves, instead of afflicted ones; like a vampire, his or her "spawn" might be compelled to obey the mythic werewolf (no save). An HD limit might be a good idea, but at 10th tier, perhaps there is no limit to the number of enslaved weres he or she may control (at this point, the mythic werewolf would be a true packmaster).

  • I'd also consider borrowing the mythic barghest's goblin king ability (allowing the mythic werewolf to inspire his or her pack; the effects would apply only to wolves and werewolves under his or her control).

Mythic Zombie

  • Assuming the zombie is a "lord", and therefor has an Intelligence score, I see no reason why it would be unable to advance in a mythic path (guardian seems most fitting, but others might equally suffice).

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Zombies are pretty boring, how about a ghoul? Unless you just want a big dumb tank.

Edit: For a Mythic Werewolf, how about the ability to spread other curses besides Lycanthropy? An on-hit Bestow Curse.

That's a pretty good idea, PA! I'd also suggest increasing the DC to resist the mythic werewolf's curse of lycanthropy; could make it particularly potent and therefor resistant to wolfsbane, too.

Grand Lodge

How about making it's Dr 10/-, maybe the original is not vulnerable to silver. You could also make it large size, with a dire wolf animal form. And lastly, check out some of the monster feats like Awesome Blow.

I'd give them straight up regeneration, catch silver, and something similar to diehard, fueled by burning a mythic power per round while negative. Would make them incredibly dangerous and capture the ferocity that werewolves are flavored to have. Also, will make silver weapons and or silver sheen very important in killing em.

Also, up the dc of the bite curse like you guys said. Maybe even make it automatic against non-mythic enemies.

This seems like a thread that I'd want to leave a dot on. So, that's what I will do.

Liking Detect Magic's suggestion of a souped-up curse of lycanthropy. However, I'd suggest that the werewolf has to spend a mythic power point if he wants a bitten adversary to be a natural werewolf.

EDIT: oh, and a mythic werewolf should KNOW when he's infected somebody successfully.

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Since you want these to be the first vector of the infection: The Mythic Werewolf can expend Mythic Power to inflict lycanthropy with his howl (give it a high range? Or just as far as the howl can be heard?). This curse should be at a lower DC than that inflicted by tooth and claw.

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