rasputin must die stand alone?

Reign of Winter

Is it possible to run this adventure as a stand alone without running the entire adventure path? I would dearly like to drop my players into the middle of WWI!


Let me rephrase. How much trouble will it be to run it as a stand alone. How much will I have to alter the module?


It's been awhile since I ran it, but I don't think very much. Maybe a new intro?


JRR--you double-posted on this topic--I must have picked the wrong thread to respond to:

It would be exceptionally easy to rework RMD as either a standalone adventure or one modified to plug into your home campaign at appropriate levels.

With a slight modification to the hook to encourage PCs to rescue Baba Yaga for one reason or another, it could be as easy as giving them entry to the Hut or even plugging its first room (and subsequent chambers) into a pre-existing dungeon to act as a portal to Earth. I'm sure once you read it you'll find the possibilities for an easy transition to your home campaign will be numerous.

Liberty's Edge

I thumbed through a copy because I was thinking of picking it up to run as a one off and got the impression it could easily be self contained. I considered, if I remember correctly, placing the hut in the wilds of Irrisen and tasking the party with entering so as to rescue Baba Yaga. The fact that the hut is a portal through space is a fact that can come as a surprise to the players later on.

Use this.

Orthos wrote:
Use this.

That is excellent.

Orthos wrote:
Use this.

That's a cool hook. Who is the requester supposed to be? I'm not familiar with most of the NPCs yet.

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