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End's main issues with Paizo material are (as I understand it) twofold. First, popular Paizo books tends to be very long. Second, they tend to get lots of reviews already.

I'd LOVE to see End reviewing Paizo stuff, but I doubt my becoming the Pathfinder Module Developer is going to change what products he opts to review. :)

Yea, I can't say I'm particularly eager for End to review Paizo stuff. The main advantage I see to having a reviewer like End is that it helps people keep track of what is out there. Drivethrurpg currently has 3540 products for the pathfinder rpg, and there are probably more being sold elsewhere. That's in addition to 6423 3.5 books. That's more than most people could ever get in their lives, and too many to properly research to decide what to get. Having reviews helps a lot.

On the other hand, Paizo has a strong advertisement team already. Most people who are really into the game don't need reviewers like End to be aware of what Paizo is releasing, because the marketing team sees to it that we know. I already know what Paizo is putting out, whether I want to or not:) And the fact that so much of it is OGC makes it comparatively easier to evaluate from the pfsrd/archivesofnetherys BEFORE buying it.

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Since it was asked - the main reason I did not start reviewing Paizo-material was...Paizo doesn't need the publicity as much as 3pps do.

At least not as much as small 3pps. Another reason was to help separate the wheat from the chaff and highlight great 3pps and their products while calling out bad products and helping designers to improve by providing constructive, informative feedback.

I *could* review Paizo-material, but I doubt, I'd make much of a difference there. Most Paizo-products already get A LOT of reviews, so why would anyone care what ole' End has to say?

My reasons for not reviewing Paizo-stuff thus don't have much to do with length/crunch-intensity - I do FGG-books, Psionics etc., but more with what I'd consider useful for the consumers, the designers etc.

Now if Paizo asked me to review xyz, I wouldn't decline, of course, but I probably wouldn't review everything released - there would be no time left to cover other publishers.

That being said, I *will* review Wayfinder #10 since it was requested on my site. :)

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And the 3PP's sincerely appreciate all you hard work in this arena!

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