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Hey Awesome Customer Service!

I was going to order a roll or two of gaming paper, but someone told me that a certain number of rolls came on a box. Such that if I ordered four rolls at one time that I would save myself some money on shipping?

Can you confirm? And if they have it slightly off, could you tell me what a smart option might be? ('Cause if I save a couple bucks on shipping that means another roll of paper maybe).

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Sorry it took me so long to look into this for you Jim,

The rolls we have in our warehouse are individuals, but the larger tubes we can ship them in fit up to 4 comfortably. With our shipping options it looks like 4+ is the best postage to product ratio.

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That's okay Erik!

I did order two rolls already (my first Mummy's Mask session is coming up fast and I wanted to get an order in ASAP).

But this will be a trial run with this product. My friends rave about it, but I have never tried it. So two rolls is fine and I'll have this information for future orders!

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