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Grand Lodge

Does anybody have any idea what sort of action it is for an Oread to activate their Treacherous Earth ability? The rules don't even define it as a Supernatural, spell-like or extraordinary ability so I have no basis.

I have no idea.

My best bet is a standard action because it seems spell-like, and it replaces a spell-like ability.

That's simply logic though. It's far from RAW, because there doesn't seem to be any RAW.

Add up the numeric value based on Hebrew Numerology of the first letter of the name of each of your Feats, addinig up all digits if the total is 10 or more. If you roll the final sum amount on a d20 it is a Swift Action, otherwise it is a Standard Action.

Lantern Lodge

Probably intended as a standard action, since it replaces a spell like ability. Loose connection, though...

It's close to the ground breaker rage power that barbarians can get, which is a standard action.

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