Psychopomp Ushers as Pathfinder Deities

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I was a huge fan of a lot of the books delving into lesser powers (ie the Infernal Dukes, Empyreal Lords, etc), but I noticed there wasn't anything for a neutral character. Sometimes the good/evil character building can be a bit restrictive so it would be cool to have some of the Proteans, Inevitables, and Psychopomps as something to be worshipped. The latter is cool because it allows for some completely neutral, life/death characters to be made outside of Pharasma. I'd hazard a guess this may be something you guys will do in the future but I think it would cool.

I can see Pharasma's worshipers paying heed to Ushers or perhaps even seeing them as lesser members of a pantheon. Same goes for Zon-Kuthon and the Kyton Demagogues.

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