I have an even better idea than the Advanced Classes and Archetypes


So, I thought about this first when APG first came out with Archetypes and I bet many others have to, but I haven't encountered anyone asking the devs for it so I figured I'd give it a shot; hopefully this is the right place to for this topic. The idea is basically this: instead of a full Archetype that effectively trades out class features for new ones, a list abilities that you could trade out for each class feature. Essentially the Quiggong monk already has a similar feature where you can simply replace any ability for one on the appropriate list, if you wanted to add an archetype simply take the features you would need to replace to qualify for that archetype and still it leaves you free to play with the other class features and take exactly what you wish without the worry of missing out on something key (like a rogues trapfinding).
The reason for this new feature and not simply adding an archetype is this: sometimes an archetype can miss short of the mark of what a character wants, replace useful abilities with unwanted ones, or even if the character likes 90% of an archetype something might ruin it for them, such as missing out on a wanted vanilla feature.
The mechanics kind of sort of already exist, when an ability says "this replaces X" then in theory, a character could just choose to replace the existing ability with the one stated; kind of like "paying for it" with their subbed out feature. Now some abilities from certain archetypes might indeed be too powerful to just swap out for their replacements, needing to take an actual archetype for access to them (Zen Archer's Perfect strike come to mind), but many are just harmless tradeouts.
What I would really like to see is a book with replacement abilities that characters could just swap out vanilla features for something new. Think of the new concepts we could come up with! The optimization builds, the flavor builds, new flair, I think most people would love a chance at further customization for characters. I know I've had several examples of character stuff I liked but couldn't do because of some sort of hidden fault of certain builds; in example I'm making a necromancer cleric; I saw a bunch of amazing little things like the undead lord, but didn't think the trade of a domain for for two feats and a corpse companion was worth it. I saw Agent of the Grave's ability to mind affect undead (being able to give morale bonuses with buffs) but couldn't sacrifice my spellcasting AND channeling while taking a three level dip (sidebar, why isn't there hardly anything for necromancer clerics? There's like at least three MAJOR gods all about necromancy, not to mention various other who give spells like Orcus). The point is that if the builds were a little more flexible, everybody wins, 9/10 times I just wind up playing a vanilla version of the concept I had in mind because the archetype system is too hit or miss and too heavy of an investment to pay; but mix and match? That would work.
Please anyone who feels like adding to this please do. I welcome any criticisms or comments; and if you agree, help me make sure a dev sees this.

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You should check out the 'Talented' line of classes by Rogue Genius Games. You can pick the abilities you want for your concept. There are a couple threads about the products.

Thank you, I will. It is hard however to get people to accept 3rd party options, which is unfortunate; hopefully I can find something or maybe even make my own.

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