Last Baron / Chimera Cove: newbie GM vs. veteran players


So after hanging with a gaming group for just over a year, I've been tapped to run a game in about a week to fill in a blank spot in the schedule. I figured I'd run the LB modules as I'd figured I'd get called for doing this eventually, and was planning on doing them already.

Thing is, they've been playing since high school, and I only started when I joined them. So I figured a little asking around is in order.

The group is usually about 5-6 players as it is, so I know some buffing is already in order, and one of them promised they'd go easy on me, though since I already had to nix one dude's request to make his own fae race, I'm kinda leery on their idea of "easy".

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You'll need to give us a bit more information on what you are asking for help on if you want much of a response.
The one thing I can say is those two modules were written before the pathfinder system was released and all the challenges were set at 3.5 levels. You'll need to rebuild all the combat challenges with the new rules if you don't want to get steamrolled.

Well, among other things, I was considering giving Argith(sp) some actual levels in Alchemist, and maybe if they're starved for action in the first half, give them some complications caused by other transients/refugees fleeing the army.

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