"Hey, let's sell the cursed item." [Snows of Summer / Shackled Hut spoilers]

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This was a pretty amusing thing that happened in my game a couple weeks ago that I hadn't gotten around to posting.

PCs keep out!:
So, my PCs found the Ring of Lifebleed, and even an identify spell later were still picking it up as a ring of regeneration.

The players, though a mix of metagame ("there's no way that got handed out in this low level an adeventure") and in-character reasoning ("if this is legit, why the heck did Nazhena leave it behind?") the PCs correctly concluded it was cursed.

After they got into Whitethrone, and got their forged credentials, they decided to sell the ring, since it was worth quite a bit to someone who didn't realize there was anything wrong.

The white witch they sold it to got a 34 on her identify check, failing to see it was cursed by one point. And the bard got a 30 bluff to the white witch's 28 sense motive (I gave the white witch the +5 skepticism bonus) to convince the witch that they were really selling a powerful beneficial item and that there was nothing wrong.

Luck was on their side and they actually sold it as a ring of regeneration. And then the PCs raided the clock tower and killed Sir Logrivich the next day. They'll soon have the hut and bug out of town.

I figure the wealthy white witch they just scammed will try to seek vengeance, but still pretty amusing.

Who purchased this from them and how much for?

Because at half price it would cost a 15-16th level npc (heroic or basic) almost all of their worldly wealth to buy this.

This would mean some pretty serious repercussions (potentially even trying to track them throughout their journey)
Players need to understand consequences of their actions

Depending on how much it was sold for at course.
But 45 - 90k at level 6 is crazy. The risk needs to be added.

I would make the witch be the family head from the bonedust dolls journals and have at least one of the party be made a doll... :-)

Its a funny story!

i might include the scammed witch into the "after the campaign" arc you come up with, or have her in part 6 somewhere:)

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Yeah, it was quite the windfall - 45K.

Though Whitethrone's in anarchy now, so it's a giant sum of money that they won't be able to spend until Book 4 I think.

The wealthy witch will be part of a response posse I'm adding to the end of book 3.

"So, what is the goal of this expedition?"
"To slay the bandits and reclaim the Hut for our glorious queen."
"To recover my wayward daughter and 'fix' her."
"To capture an escaped slave and put it in its place."
"To get my money back!"

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