familiars, Burning Gaze and share spells ... whats the save DC?

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Burning gaze has a target of "you", share spells say the caster "may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on himself."

If I cast Burning Gaze, I can cast it on my familiar thus giving it a standard action to look at bad guys and try to set them on fire.

The spell has a saving throw Fortitude (negates), as well as a Reflex save to quench the flames.

Is the save DC based off the familiars Int as the gazer, or the casters Int since they actually cast the spell?

Rules lawyers don't fail me. This is most likely going to come up at my next gaming session so any ideas are appreciated.

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Rules-wise, the save should be based on your int. It is your spell.

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Yeah, the save DC is based on your Int. Your familiar didn't cast the spell, you did.

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It's exactly the same as any other spell - the details are based on the caster, not the recipient. It's exactly the same as a wizard casting Mage Armour on another target - you would get a duration based on the wizard's caster level, not the recipient.

Your Int. You cast it, not your familiar.

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