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I was thinking recently of the social aspects of the sandbox MMO. Of how it might work. This the non-combat hey lets hang out together part of the game, though part of it may involve finding people to go adventuring with.

It involves things that turn a town into a community and give people both an easy way to interact with onown friends and an easy way to find friends.

1. The local tavern and gossip. I think there needs to be small to large gathering spots where people can sit and hangout and chat.

2. Teleport. There needs to be a way to get all your friends together in a reasonable amount of time even if John ran halfway acrossed the world and logged out yesterday.

3. Multiple chat channels, some with voice. I want my organization chat channel, my town chat channel, my epic quest chat channel where I find out a major fight is going down. I want to choose if a channel includes voice or not.

4. I want to be able to global mute people I don't like and global friend people I do like.

5. I want undockable chat panels so I can keep several conversations going and easily see when someone responds.

6. I want a town bulletin board where people in my town can leave messages to each other.

7. I want an unknown age flag so I can keep my roleplaying clean when people we don't know are adult are about (or a confirmed adult flag)

8. I want character poses that let me take advantage os the worlds beauty spots. (I.e. stand cool, sit on ground, dance, etc..)

9. I want in game mail to be filterable, searchable, and well organized.


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Taverning is already a thing

Teleport is a definite NO

Multiple chat is already a thing if you see the vids

I think that friend v mute is a thing

I dunno

I hope this is a thing, as it will also be extremely useful for contracts of all types

ummm... I got nothing

still nothing

I hope that is a thing. I really really do.

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hmm, you could refraise these points as questions and post them here, maybe the devs will tell you when the/if they are planned to be implemented.

as far as i know:

1,5,6 should be no problem
2. imhho not going to happen, even fast travel will take a while.
3. multiple chat=shouldn´t be a problem; voicechat= i think i was said that gw will not do that as most people will use thirdparty software anyway. so this would be a waste of time and money
4. what exactly do you mean by that? add people you your friend/ignore list you haven´t met?
7. don´t know about that, but it´s a good idea
8. will be nice, but is cosmetics, so will probalby not have a high priority unless you get a lot of people to back this up by crowdforging.
9. filter and search should be no problem if there is a ingame mail. i´d guess the organising part would be your own job;)

Edit: damn, ninjaed by an inquisitor!

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Teleport should be limited to short range like Dimension Door. I hope that going from one corner of the map to another is not an easy task and could take a whole RL day if even that.

Voice chat would be nice for 'Party' groups.

There was a huge long thread about the /sit command. It won't be in MVP.

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Well, for number 4... many of my friends play MULTIPLE characters in the MMO's they play. I'm also known to be a bit of an altaholic myself! Also, if I decide I don't want to mute someone's character because they are ruining my fun, I want to be able to mute all of their players alternate characters.

This is where the master user ID is useful in addition to all the character ID's.

So 5 of my friends are going to play in the game as well as me. They tell me their master user name and I friend that. Then, regardless of what character they happen to be playing, they show up on my friends list so I can get in touch with them and arrange to play together.

Conversly, if a character begins spamming me with "Buy Pathfinder Gold on Ebay for only $20" I want to not only mute him, I want to mute any alternate characters he might create on his master account.

Boojum the brown bunny

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we still don´t know if there will be a handle(i think that is what you mean by master user ID?) like there is in neverwinte.

i understand that it has some convenience reasons, but there are actually whole threads here discussion why it and some other convenience tools are a bad idea to have, at least from a RP perspective.

in short,
-they interrupt immersion.
-they make it harder to actually roleplay differnt characters.
take bludwolf for example. his main will be a sociopathic bandit.
his alt will be an altruistic RG monk.
if you have a user handle victims of the bandit will attack the monk.
from an RP perspective that is a bad thing.

--Edited for more clarity and less mistakes

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Yes, but lack of global ID makes it hard to find your friends online. If Friend X makes a new thief character then I want to know my friend is online and playing so I can arrange to play WITH them. Also, I like to have the reminder that those 3 characters all belong to Melchar while those other 2 belong to Gilrander.. That sort of thing. That is why I say it's a social aspect of the game as opposed to the game aspect.

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Also, there's no way to prevent people from having multiple accounts to get around limitations of having a single account. The gold spammer will not have a master account.

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Boojumbunn wrote:
If Friend X makes a new thief character then I want to know my friend is online...

But the corollary to that is that there may not be a way for your friend to be on-line and NOT have you know about it. There are times when one wants some privacy, and one also doesn't want to risk hurt feelings by telling others that.

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From my experience, the players I play with want a global id. It is a huge complaint on champions and star wars that the feature isnt there and a feature about city of heroes we loved.

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Boojumbunn wrote:
From my experience, the players I play with want a global id. It is a huge complaint on champions and star wars that the feature isnt there and a feature about city of heroes we loved.

I will use separate accounts so this does not apply to me however as always I would suggest that global ID be an optional thing then those that wish to use it can and those who do not want everyone to know each and every alt can not turn it on

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Boojumbunn wrote:
It is a huge complaint on champions...

But Cryptic is the pioneer of the @handle system to allow everyone to play Superman, if they choose. I'm surprised they don't use this key feature of their innovation.

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If you and your friends each pick a separate, unusual surname and use that. All the All the Smith's are one friend and all of the Wesson's are another. I do not know if the locking of surnames only applies to Kick starter or if it applies to all subscribers.

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