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Some of you are familiar with my Campaign Arranger script, which is a set of user scripts for Firefox, Chrome and Opera that arranges Paizo campaign pages to dynamically columnize based on your browser width.

I've recently converted the Arranger to a true (manually bootstrapped, restartless) extension for Firefox which no longer requires Greasemonkey. The extension also has a new feature that many of you will (I hope) find useful.

Current tools are: Arranger (rearranges the user campaigns page to be more readable [with less scrolling]), User Blacklist (greys out posts by certain users), and Highlighter (highlights the "(x new)" link on campaign pages).

For Chrome and Opera users, the old user scripts are still available, but the User Blacklist feature is not included. If anyone's interested in teaming up to get real extensions written for Chrome and Opera, let me know!

The new Firefox extension and old script are both available here. For the Firefox extension, all you need to do is download pct.xpi and drag it onto an open Firefox window. Navigating to "about:addons" will bring up your Add-Ons preferences panel, where you can click "Options" to see all the custom bits of the PCT extension.

As always, feel free to PM me your questions and comments, or post them here!

Just pushed an update containing a new feature: instead of having blacklisted users' posts greyed out, you can elect to have them hidden completely. (Note: this does not affect threads by blacklisted users in forum view, only posts.)

I also toned down the little 'x' for blacklisting people; I had a few people tell me it looked rather bad.

Liberty's Edge

Nice work!

Thanks! I don't suppose you're interested in porting it to a Google Chrome extension? :)

Hey again all. The Firefox extension has been preliminarily reviewed by Mozilla, but they don't think there's enough of a userbase for it to gain a place in their list of fully-reviewed add-ons.

So feel free to download it there and leave a review! (There are even a few brand new screenshots of the extension in action!)

Sovereign Court

downloaded and installed ... will take a look at it this weekend and post a review.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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5/25 Update

I've released a Google Chrome version of the extension.

Looking forward to everyone's feedback.

Version 1.0.3 is up and fixes a few bugs in the original. Chrome should automatically update it for you guys, I believe, but might want to check just in case.

1.0.1: fixed blacklisting being active on non-blacklisted threads
1.0.2: fixed highlighting of "x new" links when you'd changed the highlight color
1.0.3: fixed blacklisting on recruiting threads

Hope to hear feedback from you people.

Up to 17 users for the Chrome version, and 7 for the Firefox version - but only 2 reviews for each!

If you're too shy to leave a review, feel free to PM me or post on here with your comments... 'cause I want to hear them!

Version 1.2 for Firefox is up - sorry about the delay. Apparently you have to go through the entire review queue just to change a few lines for a bug fix.

Anyway, version 1.2 fixes the issue where profile editing pages had all the edit boxes jumbled together.

Thanks, very kind of you to create such a useful tool.

The Exchange

1. This is an awesome extension.

2. I can't seem to get it to work on of my computers but it does on my others w/ same build of chrome. Can anyone think of why it wouldn't be working?

Thanks, glad you like it!

One thing to check is that you didn't get redirected to a weird URL - sometimes Paizo's software will display what you asked for but redirect you to a URL that's really long and not very human-readable. (I don't have it handy or I'd paste it for you.)

Which part doesn't work?

Dark Archive

Very nice extension.

I don't do Pbp, but the blacklist will be a nice stress reducer, as there are a few people on these forums I would rather not interact with any further.


The Exchange

Ah yes I see what you mean. Hitting the front page and navigating back to the campaigns it now works. EXCELLENT!

Excellent indeed.

There seems to be an error with the Firefox version of the extension as of today. I'm looking into it and trying to figure out what's going on.

The issue has been fixed in version 1.25 of the Firefox extension. Please find the latest XPI here -- it probably won't be up on the Mozilla Add-ons page for a few weeks due to their lengthy review queue.

You may need to restart Firefox for the fix to take effect, despite the fact that this is a "restartless" add-on.

If you continue to see any issues, let me know.

Apparently some nice AMO reviewer went ahead and reviewed 1.25 today, so it's now available here as well, for those who feel better getting it from the "official" Mozilla page.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Has this been updated recently?

It was updated yesterday.

It unchecked the option to autoarrange the campaign tab (they made some changes to how that displayed) So you might need to go in and recheck it.

Hi Wei Ji,

I typically use this thread to announce updates.

EvilMinion, hmm, it shouldn't have changed anything with your settings. Are you on Chrome or Firefox?


Changed them on two different computers. Was no biggie, just went in and adjusted them, and all was good.

Odd. If it happens again, could you let me know? It shouldn't do that.

Sovereign Court

New bug. I am running the campaign tools on Firefox, and on one of my aliases, my avatar picture is now empty. I can't reset it. It just appears as an empty white square. If I go to my account to edit the alias and select a new picture, I can select a picture for it, but then it remains an empty white square. If I click on the square to set a custom icon, it opens the file browser window, but when I cancel it, it remains an empty white square.

How can I reset this avatar so that the image isn't being overridden with something broken? I don't want an override image, I just want it to use its default avatar.

I already went to my Extensions tab and clicked "Clear Custom Avatars." It's still broken. I tried turning off custom avatars completely, and it doesn't work - apparently, clicking any button on the Extensions page actually does nothing; I can't select or unselect any of the checkboxes.

Hmm, that's very strange. What version of Firefox are you running, and which alias is having the issue?

Well, the new website redesign mucked up the extension.

Here's hoping there will be an update to it to account for the new look!

Though the campaign alignment stuff still seems to work (yay)
The default alias for each campaign part does not (boo)

Were the only two features I used, so can't comment on the other things. =)

+1 Default alias per campaign is broken with new website update for me as well. Hope an extension update is coming out to fix :) Thanks for the hard work!!

Silver Crusade

Need to post indicator doesn't appear for games started after the website update. Still works for older games.

Silver Crusade

Regarding the "Auto-Arrange Campaigns" function, can we add an option to that tool to always put the Flaxseed Lodge as the first Campaign (upper left)?

Has something changed?

The auto-select alias thing hasn't been working for a few days.

I'm assuming the recent web-site updates have gummed up the work somehow, but one never knows.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

FireFox broke everything again, is there a fix in the works?

This looks a bigger deal than usual.

'Starting in Firefox version 57, only extensions built using WebExtensions APIs will work. '

Dunno if the Paizo Campaign Tools are built with these already, but it seems a far bigger thing to fix if not.

Here's hoping.

Anyone else noticing that the yellow highlights in the campaigns tabs have disappeared? I'm running 2.7.0 but it looks like the Paizo website is no longer jiving with some of the features...

Silver Crusade

GM PDK wrote:
Anyone else noticing that the yellow highlights in the campaigns tabs have disappeared? I'm running 2.7.0 but it looks like the Paizo website is no longer jiving with some of the features...

I'm experiencing the same. New posts are no longer highlighted, the columns are no longer auto-arranged, and my "need to post" indicators are gone. Basically, it appears that the browser extension is no longer functioning. (I don't use custom avatars or the blacklist, so I can't speak to those features.)

I'm running an up-to-date version of Chrome on up-to-date versions of both Windows and Apple OS X.

Ok, glad to know I'm not the only one. I'll remove the extension as it prevents the right clicking of avatar pics, so right now running the extension is a net disadvantage to me.

Yay! yellow campaign highlights are back! :)

Hey all! Apologies for the delayed response... I'd actually completely forgotten that this thread existed. :P

Official thread:

PDK, that's weird... I haven't changed anything or released a new version. Maybe Chrome had a bug and fixed it. By the way, do you know that you can disable custom avatars and you'll be able to right-click on avatars again? Alternatively, you can right-click on the person's name if you're just wanting to open their profile in a new tab or something.

Zin, things seem to be working for me when I view your campaigns page... are you still experiencing the issues you described? If so, could you PM me what you get when you do the following:

1. Open a new tab
2. Navigate to chrome://extensions/
3. Click on "Details" on Paizo Campaign Tools
4. Click on "background page"
5. In the new window that opens, type "JSON.stringify(localStorage)" and hit Enter
6. Copy the output (in red) and send it to me

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