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While voting & waiting for results, heres a little distraction for voters. If this was oscars R4 pitch would be Best Picture, so let's choose favorites in other categories too. You dont have to vote in all categories if you cannot decide. I propose following categories:

Best new R4 item

* Silverlight Oil


When used as fuel in a lantern, silverlight oil produces a bright light which repels creatures that are vulnerable to silver. Such creatures become sickened within the illuminated area and must succeed at a Will save to remain there. Possession of silverlight oil is a crime in Cheliax due to its effectiveness against devils.

* Eye of Vigil


Sirana is wearing an eye of vigil (new item), an eye-shaped crystal set on a chain. If she is affected by a sleep effect, blindness or paralysis, the crystal absorbs the effect and the eye closes. If the amulet absorbs a second effect, the eye bulges out from its socket and breaks.

* Litany of Bravery


Litanies are one-use wondrous items, similar to scrolls, activated by a Perform check that emulate bardic performances. A litany of bravery acts as the inspire courage bardic performance.

* Angelfall Bow


This ebony long bow is lined with obsidian touches and black feathers. Constructed to fight outsiders, it also grounds flying creatures and dispels [light] effects.

Best new R4 monster

* Hollow


A hollow is the risen body of a person who died after being blinded by some horrific accident or torture. Unable to see, they rely on sound to locate their victims. When they hear a creature nearby, they grapple it and drain its vision, temporarily regaining their sight and leaving the creature blind. A humanoid slain while blinded in this way soon rises as a hollow.

* Centianima


This centipede assembled from the bones of numerous animals skitters forth sideways in an undulating motion, heads on both ends racing to catch prey.

This Large undead creature gains a second bite attack whenever it is being flanked. It can also shake bone fragments off its body to fill a number of adjacent squares with bone caltrops.

* Pellicior kyton


The pellicior is a new, seductive kyton that tempts with gifts of power at the cost of self-mutilation. Pelliciors possess an ability called Flensing Boon that, when used on a willing target, allows them to take ability damage to one of their physical ability scores (represented by horrific mutilation) in exchange for an increase in one other physical ability score and one mental ability score. Pelliciors entice mortals down a path of self-mutilation and discovery.

* Phiam


Known as a curse devil, the phiam is small and vaguely female with tattered wings and wrinkled jet-black skin. Its eyes are pinpricks of green light within vacant sockets, visible even when the rest of it isn't. The phiam is a construct of Hell, outside the normal hierarchy. They exist as carriers of generational curses and artificers of willing sacrifices, attached to individual mortals and families to bend them toward specific purposes. Skilled at remaining undetected, it uses illusions, curses, and subtle telepathic communication to accomplish its purpose.

Best combat encounter

[Here any encounter is ok. If it has no name in proposal, copy text or write short description]

Best non-combat encounter

[Here any encounter is ok. If it has no name in proposal, copy text or write short description]

Best villain motivation

[Read proposals for complete stories!]

* [Vilario] means to bend [captive slaves] to his will, to serve as spies amongst the slaves of Corentyn and root out those who oppose the iron law of Cheliax.
* Dismayed at the treasonous cowardice of Vigil's leaders, Sirana designed a plot to prove that the orcs of Belkzen remain a threat that demands immediate action. Any sacrifice would be acceptable if crusaders were to flock to the city once again.
* Plotting to turn all of Pezzack into her own private laboratory, [Savradamas] and her kyton allies plotted to bring the whole of Pezzack to the deepest depths of mental and physical torment, using the hope of revolution to fuel the desire for change, only to make the path a twisting one that leads not to freedom, but transformation.
* With little choice, Kelseph bargained with her soul for time to retrieve Vegazi and keep her power, including the limited aid of Hell in the form of lesser devils.

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I think my favorite item is probably the silverlight oil. Nice low-cost consumable.

All the monsters are very strong, IMO. I guess I'll give the slight edge to the Phiam, probably largely on the slightly greater description (love the description of the eyes especially for some reason).

I still like Sirana's motivation best among the villains, though Kelseph's is good too. I just like that Sirana feels the least straight-out villainy to me, with her emphasis on ends justifying the means...

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