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I'm fairly new to the Pathfinder, but would love to play more. The local RPG club I joined doesn't tend to run Pathfinder games very often, so I'm trying to find an online group to join (which is how I found out about the Pathfinder Society).

However, there don't seem to be any GMT based games around. Can anyone give me any advice on where to look?

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Welcome! It's great to see more UK-based players on the forum. I'm in Chester; roughly whereabouts are you based?

I've seen a number of games advertised for an early afternoon start in the US, which would correspond to the evening in the UK.

You could try:
Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge Online Play
Pathfinder Society Online Collective
The IronHelixx RPG Club and Pathfinder Society

I'm taking a break from running online games at the moment, but when I do, I have a start time of 19:30-20:00 UK time, and tend to look for players on RPG Geek's PFS Guild (which tends to be focussed on play-by-post games).

If all else fails, there are a number of UK conventions coming up which will have major PFS representation, e.g. UK Games Expo and PaizoCon UK.

Thanks Paz - I'll have a look through those links. I hadn't thought of play by post games... I'll look into those as well :-)

I'm based in Milton Keynes, so the Cons seem within travelling distance too :-)

Liberty's Edge

Milton Keynes? 3XP may be even more convenient then.

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I am UK based and have run a handful of online games, though was not getting enough players unless I ran it at times that would also include USA daytime. Maybe that has changed now?

Grand Lodge

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Guessing Concrete Cow isn't hosting any PFS this weekend then?

I know that Shadow Games in Rugby tried to get a regular game off of the ground, but I'm not too sure they managed it. Would that journey be too far for you?

Zomb - I would definitely be interested if you decided to start a game up :-)

Darrell - the closest game Concrete Cow has to Pathfinder would be Discworld, but it should still be a blast :-) Ill look into Shadow Games, but it might be a bit of a trek...

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I run online games at UK friendly times ( I live in East London) I am currently running a Dragons demand and I often run PFS stuff however I don't use Roll20 I use Fantasy Grounds which is much better for Pathfinder but its not free

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You can sign up for online games (UK friendly) here.

We nominally run on a Wednesday night - hopefully see you there.

If any of you still look for players, a friend and I live in Belgium (GMT+1 so online games with uk should work, used to play with some irish people before). Our English is quite fluent. for more info

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