Am i awading too much exp?


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hi i'm currently running Rivers Run Red and the PC's are in level 6, they should be Level 7 when they start with the next book, but if my calculations are correct the gonna be in level 8 and a half.
When they ended the fist book they were lvl 4,8. I had to stop giving them quests experience in the middle of that book or they would be too much powerful in the end and the final battle would be boring.
An now i think i have the same problem just now it's later, dont know where the problem is, maybe i am awarding to much experience for random encounters, for example: what do you do when the players commits mass murder on low cr encounters?
the last session they killed 10 elks (CR1), 4k experience = 1000xp for every PC, and nobody ended up harmed.

Is there any maths to give them exp depending on the difficulty?

does anybody else had the same problem?

PD:sorry for my shitty english.

Why 10 Elks when the Greenbelt Random Encounters states 1d6?

Also are you using the 5% chance of an encounter occurring each time the PCs enter a hex, and the 15% chance per day or night spent exploring or camping?

EDIT: Sorry, I was reading the Stolen Lands Encounters not the RRR.
By the way, in RRR remember that the chances above decrease to 1% and 5% in a claimed hex.

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Yes, i follow the rules for claimed and unclaimed hexes, there must be another error :s

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I just did away with XP and told the PCs to level when it was appropriate for the module, but I know some players like to track XP.

By doing this I could focus on the story and not worry about whether they party was going to be the right level for certain parts of the AP.


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