How long do these variant channel penalties / bonuses last?

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There are several variant channel abilities listed that I cannot find durations for in Ultimate Magic or the errata. Given the durations listed on similar abilities, I expect that they last somewhere between one round and one minute. If there is another source that I have missed, kindly point me to it. If there is not, kindly hit the FAQ Button. Either way, thank'ye kindly.

Freedom: Heal—Creatures gain a channel bonus on Escape Artist checks, CMB checks to escape a grapple, and saving throws against becoming entangled, paralyzed, or slowed.

Madness: Heal—Creatures gain a channel bonus on saving throws against confusion, insanity, rage, and similar effects

Monsters: Harm—Creatures gain a channel penalty on attack and damage rolls against summoned and called creatures.

Nightmares: Harm—Creatures gain a channel penalty on concentration checks and saves against fear and phantasms.

Sun: Heal—The illumination level in the area increases by one step, and creatures gain a channel bonus on saves against blindness and light-based effects.

Weather: Heal—Creatures gain a channel bonus on saving throws against electricity, sonic, and wind effects.

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It seems the default is "until the end of your next turn" - it's just missing on a bunch of them.

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I don't see any evidence of that assertion. The rules say nothing of a default duration anywhere, so all we have to go on is what is in the individual descriptions.

In fact, just using Sun as an example, the neg energy version is 1 minute and there are no examples of cases where a duration is listed that the other duration is anything OTHER than the identical (ie, both are 1 minute, or both are 1 round or one is a duration and the other has no duration because it's normal etc)

Using this logic, Sun would be 1 minute, Madness would be 1 round, Freedom 1 round, Nightmares would be 1 minute...and we have no idea what the other two would be because the alternate effects don't have durations.

If I was the GM I'd look at how useful the bonus was...thing like attack rolls and AC tend to be 1 round, weird situational bonuses 1 minute. So in my game, it'd be 1 round for Monsters and 1 minute for Weather (because to me a bonus to hit and damage in a situation where it will obviously apply is much more useful than a bonus to weather-related saves, and weather is more likely to be the sort of thing you have to make repeated saves against)

Lets get this answered and find out what they actually had in mind. I'd settle for a dev weighing in on the board over my own opinion on this but a FAQ would be better.

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The Variant Channeling rules were not well play-tested. The Rules As Written simply don't say. Therefore, it's up to the individual GM. You might want to steer clear to of the fuzzier options if you play PFS, as it will be a source of confusion every game.

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