Looking for Introduction To PFS style online group.

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I've been playing with Society on and off for about two years now and I've recently convinced an online friend to get in on the action. I'm looking for a group to introduce him to Society and how it works and such, he already has experience with the Pathfinder system so no hand holding or anything will be needed as far as rules and mechanics go.

So, long story short, I'm looking for a GM and a few other players to round out a party and play through some low level scenarios/modules. Roll20 would be the preferable platform, but that is open to whatever suits the needs of the party best. I'm helping him roll up a Society-legal Master of Many Styles Monk, and I have a level 1 Kitsune Magus that I just rolled up for my local PFS group today that I'd be looking to play as I flesh out the character a bit more.

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Where are you located? (what GMT/UTC timezone?)

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