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New SquareEnix RPG... well, this thing has an awesome soundtrack, which is to be expected. But that's not enough to carry the game itself, sad to say, and SE just doesn't have the mojo it once had to guarantee anything they make is a must-buy for me.

So. Has anyone else managed to play it? Is the gameplay any good? And the story? Recommend or not, and why?

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Been playing it for almost a week, absolutely love it.

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This game is a TREASURE. If you liked Final Fantasy V, then you will love this game. It has charm coming out of every bit, and while the dialogue is a little corny, the combat system is great.
Do you want to grind? Turn the battle speed up to fast forward, and hammer that Brave ability.
Do you want to just get to the next bit of the story? Just turn encounters down to 0% and walk from one end of the dungeon to the boss without even fighting once.

It's a game that is starting to understand the needs of the hand-held player. Plus there's an element of strategy in the boss fights, as to when you should Default (defend) and when you should go all out on a chain of Brave attacks.

Heartily recommend.

Oh man.

DMD that sounds like my perfect RPG. FFV is my third favorite of the series (Behind VI and IX, tied with IV). The "turn off encounters and just play the story" thing is something I have wanted for YEARS. I like me some RPG battles plenty (especially since the battle tracks tend to be among the best songs on a soundtrack) but sometimes you just wanna turn off the encounters so you can run back to town or something.


Guess it's time to start saving money.

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