Pathfinder Deathcap equivalent?


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Is there a deathcap equivalent in Pathfinder RPG? If so, which Bestiary or resource please?


What, like a Nazi camp? I think you'd have to make one.

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Ettercaps ? or do you mean these ?

Oh! DeathCAP. Cap.

Sorry. It's late.

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Yes SlimGuage I mean these

The mushroom thingys.
LOL Vamptastic.

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Amanita Phalloides(Death Cap) is highly toxic, and you could find a reasonable comparative in the poison section.

You could find a good comparative for the Amanita Bisporigera(Destroying Angel) as well.

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Oh, I thought you wanted a head slot item that did a mini (30%) Empower on all of your spells.

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If I remember my Mycology, that most resembles a very large Amanita Muscaria.

That would fall under the rules for drugs.

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