Can an animal companion / eidolon take nature soul and animal ally?

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Yeah. Can they?

Wow. That is just so much simpler than the route you need to take for your familiar to gain a familiar. My first reaction is to do 'Tom and Jerry', like a small cat and a dire rat. My second thought is to do 'falconer ahorse', where your horse companion gains a bird companion.

Your AC would need ranks in Handle Animal. How weird is that? In theory, such an animal could make itself perform a trick it didn't know. The mind boggles.


I honestly have no idea if this would work, and I'd like clarification.

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I think the Feats available to unawakened animals, (and therefore Animal Companions), are rather limited & neither of those would fall into that category. Eidolons, I'm even less certain of, but if I were the GM I probably wouldn't allow it.

This is just me throwing out a gut answer: For eidolons- Nature's Soul, yes, since having it take handle animal is perfectly legitimate (they have more skill points than their summoners; sometimes you diversify out of combat and also take that sweet +8 to a skill evolution). No on animal ally, but mostly as a fiat, since this line of thought seems silly. I am against Matryoshka dolls when it comes to character concepts.

For animal companions- an animal is more in tune with nature and animals than other animals? Over all, no on both feats. The bit about 'limited intelligence' Irnk brought up also seems like a decent enough excuse. Even if you bumped your int to 3+, I would be inclined to deny both accounts. Also, I might feel that handle animal in general is impossible. Wouldn't it be diplomacy instead?

Yeah, I should have clarified I meant if the animal companion was bumped up to 3+ health.

Does anyone have any RAW against it? My group plays by RAW as long as everyone is having fun, so, ridiculous or not, if it's legal, I'd like to know.

Did anyone ever figure this out?

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Nature Soul doesn't seem like a problem, but Animal ally shouldn't work because neither an Eidolon or Animal Companion has character levels. Well usually they don't, if you manage to talk your GM into playing the animal with a human companion, it might work.

Like Deighton Thrane says, the distinction lies in the prereqs of Animal Ally:

Prerequisites: Nature Soul, character level 4th, must not have an animal companion or mount that advances as an animal companion.

When I got around to previewing my post he'd already answered the question, but that still leaves me to ask what animal companions' and eidolons' levels are called.

Are they simply "animal companion level" and "eidolon level"?

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