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Sczarni 4/5

Hi everyone,

I wanted to double check this just to be sure that my witch can obtain the improved version of familiar.

I was planing on taking one of the mephits from the Beastiary 1. According to additional resources, mephits are legal picks from Ultimate Magic. So if I own Beastiary 1 and UM now, I can take a mephit as my new familiar?

Thanks upfront for responses,


Liberty's Edge 2/5

Yes you can. As long as you meet the requirements (ie the feat, the level and alignment)

Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).

Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the creatures listed here are also available to you. You may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away on each alignment axis (lawful through chaotic, good through evil).

As Mephits are 'Neutral' then you need to be one step away from that at most.

Yes, the mephits are legal choices for familiars with the correct sources.

Sczarni 4/5

My witch just hit the level 9 and is LN aligned. That should fit the requirements.

Thanks on responses

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Can I suggest that you also play up on the nature of the Mephits? Each Mephit has a distinct personality base

Ie Fire Mephits are vengeful and quick to anger. Perhaps look at someone like Lewis Black.

Sczarni 4/5


I did play up on the nature :)

My witch is humorous and sarcastic person and also a little bit lusty. I figured Water or Air Mephit is a best set to her personality.

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Excellent. I have a Steam Mephit for my Bloatmage. Dazarkis is not afraid to speak his mind in social situations.

Liberty's Edge

We all know me. First thing I am doing when I get my familiar is rubbing it against the person who is giving me tasks face. My familiar is a rabbit. Thus we have a long time before anyone gets a bunny rabbit rubbed against there face.
Out of all of the familiars, I want an imp. But theres no damn wizarding school or archetype that falls under demonology!!!

Liberty's Edge 2/5

Please Rabbit?

Try this

You can get one at 5th level

Liberty's Edge

That is less cute. I perfer adorable things. Because I still need a guild D: I never bothered getting a faction paper thing. I need a bloodline for my half elf sorcerer. I was thinking arcane, but then I don't get anything awesome.

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