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When will the Goblin Squad Store be opened? I'm very much looking forward to it since I've missed previous Kickstarter projects.

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Crowdfunding in 2014: The Goblin Squad Store

We are asked continually "how can I back the Pathfinder Online project—I missed the Kickstarter?"

We are ready to answer that question. Starting in a few weeks' time, a new section of the website will open which will allow people to back the project. This will be the new Goblin Squad Store. The store will only be available to backers of the Pathfinder Online project. If you missed the first two Kickstarters, then you will have to purchase one of several backer options for the game itself from the Goblin Squad Store landing page. Once you have purchased one of these options, you will get a spiffy Goblin Squad Member messageboard tag and will now have access to purchase a whole bunch of options in the Goblin Squad Store that were previously invisible to you!

We are going to structure the offers in the store much like the reward tiers in the second Kickstarter.


When we deploy the store, we're going to "soft launch" it. We'll put a notice on the community forum at paizo.com to enable watchful fans to access the store immediately. We'll monitor its performance for a week or so, then we'll expand our messaging to notify everyone that the store is open and ready for business.

This was blog written on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. So not far off.

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The Paizo Tech Team is burning the midnight oil to get this ready for us. As soon as we get it, we'll let you know!

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Here, take my money! (throws money at screen...) :)

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I imagine if they get it done sometime soon they'll announce it during the next dev. blog.

"押す" I say xD

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