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Just watched the first 5 episodes. This show is simply awesome. The voice acting is mostly annoying and I find the drawing style nearly offensive with it's ugliness, but man, it's still great.

So if you didn't have a chance to catch this, umm, "different" new offering from Dan Harmon and the dude who voiced Lemongrab (from adventure time) - I recommend that you give it a try, with a ceveat that it's extremely vulgar (and sometimes gets to be very violent) so if that's not your cup of tea, better pass on this one.

If you HAVE watched the start already... well, discuss!

Yeah. Wow. Hilarious show! My DVR keeps not recording so I've missed an episode or 2 but I love it.

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Yeah I've caught a few episodes on Youtube. The humor is just wrong, but that's the appeal.

I've been quite liking this. I've also had a surpsising amount of laughs watching "Chozen", about a heavyset gay rapper that just came out of prison. THey are both really funny, in differently messed-up ways.

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I finally gave in and binge-watched both seasons of Rick and Morty a couple weeks ago. I expected the dark humor, but I'm kinda surprised how much I enjoy its brutal nihilism.

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It's hypnotizing. I've only seen the first three thanks to one of my players lending me the DVD for season 1. Loving it.

I think Rick says "Morty" about 87 times in the 22 minute episode 1.

Love the series, but second season isn't as good as the first. Clearly running out of ideas/did not expect this to get so freaking popular.

The comic is where it's at.

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Love this show

The show gets better. I wouldnt watch it before, but by season 2 a lot of the rough parts get improved. It was funny before too though.

Has anyone seen the skit based on the very bizzare court sessiont hat happened IRL?


It is hard to find the uncensored version now. Also, when is the new season starting? I thought they said October. Also, Rick and Morty started as a rather lewd internet cartoon for totally uncensored websites. Like, cringeworthy uncensored.

The new season is supposed to premiere starting on December 2nd.

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It is now into its 4th season.

I had heard about this show for years, but only recently watched a few episodes. I had no idea how creepy it got after the first few episodes. I think I had the same reaction as Morty to the way a certain 1st season episode turned out.

So I'm catching up on last night's episode. Did I catch that right? Did Rick used to date Yoda?

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