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Im running the Jade Regent adventure path for the first time, and wondered if it is possible to run Ameiko as a player character?

I see that it is mentioned as an option in the player's guide. Would there be any difficulties doing this with the other parts (I currently only have brinewall legacy) of the campaign? As for Brinewall, when she goes comatose, I'll just let the player use another character from the caravan during the keep. Any other rewrites that need to be done?

Would there be any problems with changing her sex, class, or race?

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Not at all. I'd keep her gender and race, though, because she already has an iconic image associated with her.

Great! Thanks for the reply!

In my campaign Ameiko is being played by a PC. It works much better I think than having her as an NPC. We changed her class to gunslinger as the party already had a bard but otherwise kept her the same.
As per Brinewall, the player joined after this adventure so I didn't have to change it but I imagine it isn't really necessary for her to be in a coma during this time. The kami could just try to talk to her and be unable to do so or speak in cryptic hints (because you know spirits do that).

I haven't really had to change anything else. Ameiko is supposed to be kidnapped in Frozen Shadows but this isn't necessary as the party already has enough hooks (recover Suishen, Ulf Gormandr).

Really the only issue is to make it very clear to the rest of the players that once they get the seal they are Amatatsu and defenders of Minkai. This isn't just Ameiko's story. As long as you have that dynamic it plays very good.

Thanks, Wyrd! Yeah, I thought it would be nice to have one PC have the Ameiko background and then unearth the mystery - good points about making sure the players are all together in this. I'll think about the coma part, seems nice to be able to introduce the players to the kami creatures that way.

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I'd recommend against making the Ameiko-PC comatose. The purpose of that event is to provide a few clues of the situation to the PCs and ground them on Brinewall until the matter is settled. You could still do both while maintaining Ameiko's functionality.

As the group approach Brinewall, she might have a few confusing dreams every time she tries to rest. Then when they finally arrive at Brinewall she faints, having a strange conversation with a tiny statuette man (the shikigami protector of the seal). He tries to warn her of the dangers ahead, but it's clear he's more than a little insane. Describe the feeling of separation, of longing, as he's been apart from his duty for decades. Then she awakes, doubly motivated to explore Brinewall. If the group tries leaving the city, the dreams return to the point where she'll faint again, all the while a tiny voice inside her head screaming to return and fulfill her destiny.

That should provide a few clues, and a good motivation.

Has anyone tried making any of the other 4 main NPCs into PCs? (And for that matter, has anyone tried something similar with another AP -- Jade Regent is the only one for which I have seen the Player's Guide suggest something like this, but seems that this ought to be workable in at least a couple of other places.)

I don't think there'd be any real problem with turning the other NPCs into PCs, but I'm not sure there's any real advantage to it either, unless the players want that for some reason.
The purpose of these NPCs is to hang around with the PCs and give them someone to interact with / romance / rescue. If you turn them all into PCs, there are no more NPCs. You might as well just remove them from the game and let the players play whoever they want.

Pregen characters aren't for everyone, to be sure, and they ordinarily wouldn't be my thing, but I wouldn't throw out the idea entirely.

There are illustrations in Jade Regent using (IIRC) the iconic Monk, Samurai, Druid and Sorcerer. You could use those as pregens. The JR NPCs would need a lot of work to make them into PCs (unless you're changing them a lot, they're very limited in arcane magic), and would cost you the 'NPCs accompanying you on your adventures' element.

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pregens can be found in the pathfinder society section somewhere:)

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Has anyone tried making any of the other 4 main NPCs into PCs?

We had a few latecomers to our Jade Regent campaign and they picked up Sandru and Ameiko. They're playing them as written in the Brinewall Legacy book.

It's worked out pretty well and they like playing the characters as written with a few of their own personal touches.

Matthew Downie wrote:
There are illustrations in Jade Regent using (IIRC) the iconic Monk, Samurai, Druid and Sorcerer. You could use those as pregens. The JR NPCs would need a lot of work to make them into PCs (unless you're changing them a lot, they're very limited in arcane magic), and would cost you the 'NPCs accompanying you on your adventures' element.

That's true, if you made ALL of the Jade Regent core NPCs into PCs, they would be missing a full Arcane caster without the addition of another character:

Ameiko: described in the Player's Guide as Bard
Koya: described in the Player's Guide as Cleric (of Desna)
Sandru: described in the Player's Guide as Rogue
Shalelu: described in the Player's Guide as Ranger

Easiest fix if the group DIDN'T have a 5th player (and didn't feel safe adapting to no full Arcane caster) would probably be to have Koya be a devout Witch instead of a Cleric, thus covering both full Arcane and Divine casting (Mystic Theurge doesn't really cut it).

Anyone try an NPC to PC conversion (not a whole group, just 1 or 2) in any other Adventure Path? None of the other Player's Guides seem to suggest this (although the Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire Players Guides are not freely available, so not sure about those).

Or turn Ameiko into a Sorcerer.

Most of the other Adventure Paths don't have such major NPCs so I doubt you'll find anything much for them.

^Sorcerer doesn't seem to fit thematically so well with Ameiko, although maybe the Maestro Bloodline would fit.

^You're probably right about the other APs, though. Main possible exceptions that come to mind are Anevia Tirablade (but no the other 2 main early NPCs) in Wrath of the Righteous, or Haleen as a scheduled late entry PC in Legacy of Fire. The other 2 main early NPCs in Wrath of the Righteous probably wouldn't work due to too many Levels (Aravashniel) or too much wealth/resources (Horgus) unless the AP started at significantly above 1st Level (perhaps as compensation for not making Mythic abilities available to PCs?).

* * * * * * * *

Too late to edit my previous post (stumbled upon somebody else's character for another AP that inspired me): Cartomancer Archetype of Witch (taking the Harrowed Feat at 1st Level) would strongly fit thematically for Koya (and wouldn't even weird out other NPCs in much of Sandpoint/Varisia), and would give most of the benefits of full Arcane casting while retaining most of the benefits of of full Divine casting(*), as well as provide an easy path into Harrower Prestige Class, although I'm not convinced the latter is really necessary (they way this Prestige Class was built is rather awkward and not as functional as it should be). Also would be good to add the Hedge Witch Archetype to get Spontaneous Healing at 4th Level(**). For added flavor, maybe also add Harrowed Summoning later.

(*) And the high Intelligence requirement even confers a decent number of Skill Ranks per Level, despite having a base of only 2. Just to add an off-beat aspect, also take advantage of this for role-playing purposes, making her surprisingly logical/rational for somebody who really believes in and uses fortune telling and associated activities: "My dear, Harrowing is not superstition. There are perfectly valid technical reasons why we must conduct activities in accordance with the superficially random-appearing patterns revealed by Harrow cards."

(**) The wording in the Archetype is not completely clear, but since this replaces the 4th Level Hex, I assume that the benefit kicks in at 4th Level.

In fact, I like this idea, and I'm going to strongly consider doing it myself if I get into a Shattered Star PbP. (Yes, sometimes you CAN do something original with a Pregen or Quasi-Pregen.)

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