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5/5 Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

Hey - Looking to run Among the Living this 21 February. Game's at 1 AM CST. Here's the Warhorn for sign-ups.

Among the Living wrote:

Famed Pathfinder Bodriggan Wuthers disappeared from his dig site beneath the House of the Immortal Son in Taldor's gilded capital of Oppara. Once a grand temple to Aroden, the Immortal Son is now Oppara's most opulent theater. Sent to locate Wuthers, the Pathfinders must attend an opera with members of the Oppara elite in order to gain access to the secretive theater's dig site. When a cult crashes the performance and the nobility change into hideous walking dead, the Pathfinders are forced to choose between finding Wuthers or saving themselves.

Written by Joshua J. Frost

Obviously I'm not going to restrict sign-up based on location, but for all you Aussies, here's another game at a reasonable hour for you. Depending on how I feel, I may well extend the table to six.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

For whatever it's worth, I felt like extending the table to six people, should there be another who wants to play.

Shadow Lodge 3/5

I'll most likely be running this with a level 5 alchemist, even if we do 1-2 (I think that's possible). Though that could be overkill, especially with a party of 6.

I've got a level 2.2 wizard but need to reserve him, though I might have another level 2 I can dig up (paladin or oracle - these are characters I rolled up over a year ago and I'm honestly not that fond of anymore). The big problem with these two characters is that they're not really finished their level 1 retraining yet; I'm a bit useless with building paladins or oracles and I am a bit over spending 20 prestige on rebuilds!

Shadow Lodge 3/5

PFS guide pg 31 wrote:
Some scenarios or special events offer more than two subtiers. In these cases, no PC can play at a subtier more than 1 step away from her character level.

What are our odds for getting a 3-4 table?

3/5 5/5

From the line-up, it looks like we're almost-certainly going to have a 3-4 table.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

That wizard 5 is a wizard 1; the guy didn't understand how levels and organized play work.

M E has a level 4 he's willing to play, making the line-up (5+1+1+1+3+4)/6 for an APL of 2.5 which conveniently rounds up to 3. Provided nothing changes in character registrations, you should have sub-tier 3-4.

Shadow Lodge 3/5

Awesome. Whew!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

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Avatar-1 wrote:
Awesome. Whew!

I was panicking there for you, too.

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