Who is this great warrior?


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A very tall blonde man of obvious Ulfen heritage stands on the field of Concord, dressed in scalemail and a six foot long bastard sword strapped to his back.

"Hail Andorans"!

"I am Jais'son The Justifier, surely you have heard of me". Jasi'son looks around as many passer-bys start to gather-round.

"I have travelled from the great city of Vigil. There I carved a name for myself in the corpes of Orc's and the vile Undead. Now I wish to help this great nation and its cause. Freedom is honorable and my blade swings for honor". He draws the his huge sword from its sheath, causing many onlookers to step back or gasp in fear. Some people even shout for the Eagle knights.

Jasi'son turns the sword upside down and stabbs the sword into the earth at his feet. Kneeling he shouts "I pledge myself, both in body and mind to serve the honorable cause of Andoran, if she will have me. Which she would be crazy not to, I am pretty good in battle".

"So where can I get a drink around here"?

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A rather disheveled crow leaning heavily on one of the passers by raises a wing in the air

"HIC... double threat... I'm your eagle drink and your knight."

He rolls a smallish cask of brandy towards the warrior with a fair bit of sloshing from the inside.

"Oh.. good.. you brought the cheese cutter. We can have some of those fancy toothpick thingies..."

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~Liran Ver'Ha~

A tall blonde haired elf, clad in gold tinged red, dragon hide full plate, adorned with several pennants of the Golden Legion, and Mendevian Crusade fluttering about his right shoulder, and a golden feather sculpted helm on his belt walks up, a mug in his hand that he quickly drinks from to prevent its overfilled contents from spilling, a smile on his face.

"Oh stop that bowing and scraping young human, it is so Chelaxian." he says jovially, tapping the bottom of the mug on the mans head.

"Come! If there is one best thing about Andoran, than it is their complete inundation of good drink and taverns to drink it in. Uruvion! This way." the elf exclaims, turning towards an Axebeak ladled in barrels, trying to snap at one of the merchants. One barrel is already tapped, from which, Liran fills a spare mug and passes it to the man.

Noticing the drunken Tengu, he deftly side steps the barrel.

"Ah! My apologies friend. Oh Andoran! Call for a drink in the middle of the streets, and get options! Who needs a tavern?"

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A burly half-elf in gleaming full plate draws near, a wolf the size of a horse at his heel. It seems he has been brought on account of the initial ruckus as a mother pulls him to the scene, pointing at the Ulfen man. This armed man but smiles as he retrieves the leather flagon from a loop on his belt and steps forward, helping himself to some of the barrel's contents.

"Best enjoy this now. We don't always get the finest draughts on the sea. Ahhhh." His eyes glaze over with a sort of whimsy as he downs the flagon's contents. "Now there's the freedom so... indicative of this nation. I do trust you'll be enlisting in the naval crew here in Andoran? No better way to spread freedom than by the speed of over-sea travel."

He refills his flagon. "Shahorn Milner. Eagle Knight, Captain of the Pyavel's Legacy, and soon a Venture Captain to train and send off new recruits such as yourself. That is if the Decemvirate stops dragging their feet already." Shahorn downs the last of the brew, refastens his vessel, and returns to the crowd. "Alright, alright, nothing to see. The big scary man won't hurt you. ... You won't, will you?" You get the idea he is not truly asking.

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~Liran Ver'Ha~

Liran flashes Shahorn a smile, "Congratulations on your accomplishment my friend!"

Tapping his tankard to his chest he continues, "Knight-Captain Liran Ver'Ha of the Golden Legion. I find myself nearing the top of the Society very soon as well."

Taking a long gulp he says, "Simply coming into the town sell some of my families fine honey mead from Bellis."

Patting the barrels, the Axebeak turns and snaps at the air and Liran simply pushes the beak away, "Oh calm down Uruvion, we really must work on your temper."

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"Now that welcome was nearly as great as one from my ancestors". Jais'son laughs aloud.

"I thank you all for the merryment, the drinks are above fine as is the company. Well met my fine feathered friend, and to you Knight-Captain Liran Ver'Ha and Eagle-Knight Shahorn Milner"! He gulps down the last of his drink then refills his tankard.

Looking around nodding, finally he says, "Yes, a fine group of warriors indeed. Sush a fantastic welcome to Andoran. My thanks friends, I hope we are, I look forward to you all hearing of my great adventures for Andoran and its people. Tomorrow I will be confirmed into the Pathfinder Society I hope to see you all at the celebration. I will bring great honor to Andoran, myself as well, until then let us tell stories and drink".

Jais'son sheaths his fine sword, lays his huge arm across the shoulders of the dishelved crow. "Yes I brought the cheese cutter, hahaha" laughing loudy he leads them all to what he suspects to be the begining of a great story.

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A tall, lean Tien man in a brown robe, a bow and three quivers slung over his shoulder, looks around eagerly. "Wow, so many Eagle knights! Hopefully, by the time I'm reassigned to Nerosyan I can count myself among your ranks!"

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A powerfully built Aasimar looks up for a second from playing tug-of-war with a half-grown saluki pup. She commands the dog to lie down, which it does and stands.

"Can't say I have." She says, readjusting the flail that is at her side. "Have you heard of him Onyx?" The lean sighthound simply rolls over onto her back and wiggles her whole body, begging for belly rubs.

The huntsmaster kneels down and obliges her faithful companion, eliciting happy grunts, snorts and whines from the canine. "However, if you are for the cause of freedom then you are welcome among us. I'm andoran... well I can't say born and bred because I fought in the people's revolt, as did my brother."

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