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Agent of the Aristocracy,
There is no doubt in my mind that courtly intrigue in Taldor is an art; the nuances of posture, movement, innuendo, and scheming surpass the machinations of less prestigious nations. I once believed this was because Taldor has a history of action and cultural excellence. However, even masterful art stagnates and fades into irrelevance if not shared with the world, and the finest art incorporates new techniques and styles over time. Taldor's nobility may be composed of artists, but they have withdrawn from the world to pursue petty squabbles and boast about what they would do if they could muster the wherewithal of their esteemed ancestors. It is a toxic atmosphere in need of a good airing out.
With the outbreak of war in Mendev, Taldor sent a token force north—not nearly enough for a nation wishing to continue its role as a world power and trendsetter. As you no doubt recall, I have taken matters into my own hands by mustering an independent army—an Army of Exploration—composed of soldiers from throughout the Inner Sea region. Once it is complete, we shall march on the Worldwound, rally the people of Avistan, and reclaim the lands now despoiled by demons.
Recruitment is steady but insufficient, and if the army is to succeed, we must acquire greater numbers. In the past, the greatest armies swelled when given something to rally around, be it a general or a flag, and I believe I know of the perfect centerpiece for our army. I have discussed my intentions with the Pathfinder Society's leadership, and they expressed an interest in helping us recover it. When the venture-captains begin selecting agents for this mission, I will recommend you.
Continue to distinguish yourself in our mission and that of the Pathfinder Society. A military campaign is an excellent opportunity for promotions, and when the Society marches for Jormurdun, it will need ambitious, capable officers who are able to lead and inspire those around them. It would please me to know that you were among them.

Onward to glory,
Lady Gloriana Morilla

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign continues the Year of the Demon, its fifth season of Pathfinder RPG adventures. Keep the words of Lady Gloriana Morilla in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help Taldor succeed in its objectives. When the time comes, ensure that you represent Taldor proudly in Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–19: The Horn of Aroden and Pathfinder Society Scenario 5–24: Assault on the Wound.

Sovereign Court

Dear Lady Morilla,

I am writing on the behalf of my son, Lysander Spurius Dragomir. He is currently a signalman in the service of the Taldan Phalanx. It is our wish that, with your permission, he may volunteer to transfer his service from the Phalanx to the Ninth Army of Exploration. He graduated with honors in the oratorical arts from both Rhapsodic College and Kitharodian Academy. With your leave, he would gladly use his talents to inspire teamwork among the troops. Lysander's war fan is yours to direct, my lady.

Respectfully yours,
Miss Daryll Maude Agathia on the behalf of Lysander Spurius Dragomir

Sovereign Court

Lady Morila,

While my family's fortunes have seen... a sharp decline since the change of leadership in my homeland, I will continue to work with the pesean- er, my fellow Pathfinders to unite allies and bring glory to my adopted homeland. unfortunately I fear that the musings I hear from my fellow Eagle Knights indicate that our wayward colony of Andoran might not be contributing as much as they should. *sigh*

Once again, it falls to noble blood to protect our lessers.

Lady Ksenia Skartsen, Eagle Knight

Sovereign Court

Dear Gloriana,

It is unfortunate to learn of your shift in ambition, away from a Taldan presence in Mendev and towards an unaffiliated one, though I do empathize with you and your situation. As I made my inquiries over the past months, several then-unassailable obstacles were placed before us. Fortunately, solutions are plentiful, as I shall explain.

The first was the sense of caution expressed by those who wield the resources to field an expedition to the Worldwound, caution over a potential invasion from the south. Such caution is warranted, as a Taldan force would have to travel a great distance north, on an expedition which would take quite a lot of time. With no promise of support from Qadira, any dedication of forces to the Worldwound would weaken our defenses for a large amount of time. Fortunately, the Society possesses the perfect solution in the Hao Jin Tapestry. If the armies of the Empire were granted use of the Tapestry, the costs of the expedition, in both resources and time, would be significantly reduced, and if Qadira were to rattle its scimitar, they would do so knowing that we could be upon them in hours. Secure the use of the Tapestry in your dealings with the Ten, and this obstacle will be overcome.

The other was the questioning of your background. Your family is of Absalom, not of Taldor, and the concern is that your loyalties lie with the Decemvirate rather than the interests of the Empire. I could not overcome this reputation in my conversations, though it is my belief that the objection serves as a justification for inaction more than anything else. Your family has done very little to assist the Empire within its borders, and your contributions in Magnimar have gone unnoticed. A single secret favor for Princess Eutropia carries very little weight in the grand affair.

As your loyal friend and comrade, I have a full understanding of the details, an understanding which has led me to a solution. If you were to name a distinguished Taldan leader of this expedition, this independent army you are raising would not seem so detached from the Empire. Though the Horn of Aroden might make an excellent symbol to rally behind, it is still an object, and objects carry with it a strong association with the goals of the Decemvirate. A man, however, a man can be entirely Taldan. Show the Empire that you are not aligned with the Ten, and the Empire will be eager to join you.

Your friend and confidante,
Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

Sovereign Court

Lady Morilla,

I have trained my body all my life (and recently my mind!) waiting for such an opportunity. I will fight for you in any capacity you deem fit. I bring with me nigh mastery of the Taldan Rondelero fighting style, which I will proudly teach to new recruits, upon request. There's nothing a demon will fear most than the bite of a cold iron falcata, I assure you.

Best regards,

Lord Theodric De LaMontagne, Lion Blade
Owner of the Avistan Exploration Caravan, est. 4701, Oppara

Sovereign Court

The only thing more expendable than peasants are foreign peasants! I love it. Well played madam, well played.

Sovereign Court

< a large Ulfen man wearing the fur of a winter wolf over his shoulders stands and looks around those gathered >

My name is Hansel Johanson and I believe I speak for all Ulfen who strive to become members of the Ulfen Guard when I say your call to arms and glory upon the battlefield are accepted! The enemies of the Empire and all of Golarion will fall before our blades, will tremble at our battle cries and will fall back to the depths from which they came, driven back by those who stand firm for the Empire.

On the day they are finally pushed back through the Worldwound, their last sight before that damnable tear is sealed will be that of the Taldan flag and the Ulfen who carry it.

For Taldor, For Glory and For Honor!

Sovereign Court

Theodric raises his glass to Hansel! "Hear hear! For Taldor, For Glory and For Honor!"

Sovereign Court

[shameless bumpage in the general direction of Lady Morilla... :)]

Sovereign Court

Here in the Mile High City, we had a convention on Presidents' Day Weekend. Our Venture-Captain just revealed that of the 9 slots and 50+ tables run over the weekend, there were only 33 prestige points awarded for Taldan PC's. THIRTY-THREE!!! That's HALF of the next lowest faction (Qadira at 65). While this is a small sampling, it goes to show the Taldan Empire must stand stronger against the perils that lie ahead. Forward ahead! For Taldor!

Sior wrote:
Here in the Mile High City, we had a convention on Presidents' Day Weekend. Our Venture-Captain just revealed that of the 9 slots and 50+ tables run over the weekend, there were only 33 prestige points awarded for Taldan PC's. THIRTY-THREE!!! That's HALF of the next lowest faction (Qadira at 65). While this is a small sampling, it goes to show the Taldan Empire must stand stronger against the perils that lie ahead. Forward ahead! For Taldor!

This may be a symptom of too few Taldans, but this may also be a symptom of the new faction system. Folks may not have had characters of the right faction and level combination.

Or the two scenarios which Taldor is concerned with may not have been run very often.


Sovereign Court

That Grand Lodge faction is the worst thing that happened to the faction system. If you're member of an international spy force called Pathfinder, and you have allegiances to your home country, you're part of that country's faction.

Grand Lodge? that's stupid, on the other hand

Sovereign Court

Lady Morilla

It has come to my attention that certain high-born members of our faction feel that peasants are nothing but mere cannon fodder to be used up in the name of Taldan glory. While I am freeborn, and have accumulated much prestige, I have claimed no titles for myself.

The Aristocracy exists for 2 reasons. The first is to collect taxes for the Emperor. The Army, roads, forts, and etc. must be maintained. We collect said taxes from rents paid by our citizens that till our fields and mill our flour. In return for these rents, the aristocracy is supposed to, the second reason, provide protection to our citizens.

There is a reason that the common citizens of Andoran overthrew their aristocracy. If word gets out that the highborn consider our citizens to be "expendable peasants", there could be another revolution just waiting to happen.

No good person should consider any lives expendable.

Your servant

Ivy Underfoot

Sovereign Court

To My Peerless Peeress,

Most live without following their dreams, frightened of those dangers that besiege the darker, less tread paths. A few others have the bravery or hope to charge ahead and plow through any barrier. One even smaller group exists: those whose dream is to serve their Beloved's dream. Such is a knight.

Know that I am forever and eternally your most humble, simple knight.

Glory to My Lady,

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