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My question is about the psion Tactician Collective class feature, we had a Ghost in our party but the undead has inmunity mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, phantasms, and patterns) but the collective is a psion effect like telepathy bond and is not detail more details about this kind of effect.

The main question is: A Ghost or a inteligent undead can be part of the Collective?

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You are asking a rules question from a 3d party product source?

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DesolateHarmony wrote:
You are asking a rules question from a 3d party product source?

Nop, This is from Paizo Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide, Tactician is Core Class and The Collective Clss feature is the first Ability gained, and i want to know if posible that a undead can be part of the collective coz the mind-affecting but psionic and The inteligent undead are conscious and had thoughts, then they can be affected by Telepathy spell thus the collective, that is my opinion as a DM, and I'm debating with other DMs to reach an agreement but I would like an official review by Paizo.

AS exaples a Lich and a Ghost in a collective, this is possible?

I just did a search, the product is from Dreamscarred press, not Paizo. Hopefully you can find a fellow poster who is familiar.

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AHo im sorry, I thought it was Paizo, any way our group fo DMs and players in CR come to a final decision about this and we think is the best alternative.

In first Place Telepathyc bond is a divination and it can affect corporeal undead but any power with the mind-affecting descriptors fails unless it affects objets or undeads, but Incrporeal Undeads has 50% miss chance because like a ghost they are half in the astral place and her consciousness is intermittent between the two planes.

When the tactician reach lvl 19 the colective can reach creatures in another planes so then it affect the incorporeal undead normaly.

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