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The time for war has come.

Long have we suffered the arrogance of the heathens in their tiny city.

When they began to steal our children, we believed their lies that they were not responsible.

When they began expanding, we told ourselves that it was into areas that we did not want.

When they spurned the offer to convert to the worship of our glorious lord Auronis, we believed that they would see the light in time.

But when they dare to lay hands upon the scion of the immortal Skyreaver, we have but two choices: war or surrender. Surrender to the ways of decadence and godlessness. Surrender to the idea that man may put himself above the gods. Surrender to the chaos of rule by those whose only real merit is accident of birth.

I say nay. I say we take back Torauk, noble child of powerful Skyreaver, from their wicked hands. I say we FORCE them to see the light of Auronis. I say we take back our children, or kill 100 of theirs for each of ours that have perished in their clutches. I say we destroy the Heathen city of Aeon, set it to the torch, and run the survivors to the ground, slaying them outright. My only question: Who is with me!

-The call to war, by Kathandrax, High priest of Auronis

as the topic intimates, this is the recruitment thread for the horde side campaign that will go in tandem with Orelius's psionic game set in the city of Aeon, which is located here. You should know that the potential for PVP with the group from that campaign exists. Unlike other recruitments, I am only going to accept the first 6 completed submissions (a completed submission will have the following: a profile which contains character stats, background, gear lists). The convocation as a whole views freedom and personal honor as the highest of concepts.

As you are looking at classes, you should know the following:
the art of practicing divining magic is, while not forbidden, looked down upon as a violation of someone's freedom. likewise, bards are viewed as parasites who don't add anything useful to society.

the following are acceptable races:
half-elf (half elves are part elf and either part dwarf or part orc; traditional half-elves are put to death as abominations, in addition to the parents), orc, dwarf, goblin, kobold, hobgoblin, ogre (ogre characters would start at 3rd level), half-orc (half orcs are part orc and either part dwarf or part elf; traditional half-orcs are put to death as abominations, in addition to the parents). other races might be considered, but would be on a case-by-case basis, and would (depending on the race) most likely have a level adjustment (i.e. would start at a lower level).

things you should know about the horde:

The horde, which in it's tongue (sylvan) is called The Convocation of The Wise (or simply, The Convocation), is lead by The Skyreaver, an immortal shape-changing hero of countless battles, who is known for his ability to control the weather and shape it to his will.

Made up mostly of the more "savage" races: Orcs, Ogres, Giants, and the occasional "other" thing, like dragons, the horde believes that Aeon is far too expansionist and isolationist; they take what they want from the land and ignore it's pleading. This, and the continual taking of slaves (amongst the horde, slavery is viewed as worse than murder, as the slaver is stealing the freedom and choice from their slaves) from the horde, most recently one of The Skyreaver's scions, an elf named Torauk.

after an emergency meeting with his councilers and the high priest of Auronis, The Skyreaver wisely determined that the only course was to destroy these defilers and heathens. Thus, the march to war.

Religiously, The Convocation is largely animistic/shamanistic; there has, however, been the recent introduction of the worship of Auronis, Lord of the sun and peerless warrior. Many have flocked to his doctrine of the responsibility of the strong to rule, and that the heretics of Aeon have turned their backs on the world around them, so consumed are they by their petty greed for power. The Church of Auronis is lead by a Worgen (Werebear) named Kathandrax.

While Kathandrax and The Skyreaver have not always seen eye-to-eye, in the war against Aeon they stand united.

character creation:

20 point buy, starting level 4. You get extra skill points and other goodies for good backstory and roleplaying. 1 extra feat at 1st level. No traits whatsoever.
no psionics are allowed. third party content might be considered, but a solid backstory would be required before it would be allowed. playtest classes are a go.

Grand Lodge


Inquisitor (Preacher) 4
CE Medium Dwarf / Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +6; Senses Perception +10, Darkvision 60 ft
AC 23, touch 13, flat-footed 20 (+7 armor, +3 shield, +3 dex)
hp 44 (4d8+8)
SR 9
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +7
Armor Steel Lamellar +1, Medium
Shield Heavy Steel Shield +1
Defensive Abilities Defensive Training (PFCR 21), Stability (PFCR 21), Magic Resistant (PFAPG 11)
Spd 20 ft/x4
Melee +1 Battleaxe +7 (1d8+4) 20/x3 CM +1
Ranged +1 Heavy Steel Shield +7 (1d4+4) 20/x2 CM +1
Special Attacks Hatred (PFCR 21)
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 5
BAB +3, CMB +6, CMD +19
Feats Armor Proficiency (LIGHT / MEDIUM) (PFCR 118), Improved Shield Bash (PFCR 128), Power Attack (PFCR 131), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133), Two-Weapon Fighting (PFCR 136)
Skills Bluff +4, Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (arcana) +4, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Knowledge (planes) +4, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +4, Survival +10 [Tracking - 1/2 speed +12, Tracking - Normal Speed +7, Tracking - x2 speed -8
SQ Slow and Steady (PFCR 21), Track (PFCR 64)
SU Judgment (PFAPG 38 - 39), Destructive Smite (PFCR 43), Destructive Smite (PFCR 43)
MC Inquisitor Domain: Rage (PFAPG 38), Inquisitor Orisons (PFAPG 38)
Racial traits Magic Resistant, Rock Stepper
Languages Common, Dwarven
Eq'd Magic Hat of Disguise


A complicated story. Grim was born the son of a tavern keeper in Akrabat and the son of a famous dwarven pirate, who he has never met. He was not planned nor wanted. In fact, he was just a burden to everyone he knew before his rebirth. Nine months of pregnancy caused a serious downturn in business for his "mom". Shortly after birth, she she gave him to a wet nurse. Left to his own device Grim spent most of his time outside running around with orphans and wannabe street thugs. He spent the next decade there. Different from the other kids, he found it difficult to find friends. The other kids were merciless to him. He spent most of his time on daily chores. He ran away for the first time in his teens.
He found his way onto a galley of a pirate ship, but again he was forced into hard labor and treated poorly. His time in the streets and on the ship was not wasted though. It was during this time that he developed his ability to hide and to lie. The "reward" for not performing up to par was always physical abuse. His only escape from this was stealth and deception. Unexpectedly, he hated the sea. He also hated people. He had not met a single person who had attempted to befriend him. One night at port, he abandoned ship.

In Akkrabat once again, he was forced to work in the ore mines to live. Since he was physically stronger than the other workers, his back found the whip yet again. He slowly built up his strength over the next few years in the mines. Life was dark in these days. He turned to drinking, drugs, and gambling. He was not much of a gambler and he soon piled up huge debts. One group got tired of his unpaid debts and took out retribution. Thugs from the local thieves guild found Grim in an alley and beat him nearly to death. They drug him into the desert and left him for dead. Grim barely survived the assault and ran away once again. He spent the next few days curled up in a cave detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

The next few months wandering in the desert were the toughest. He spent most of the time dehydrated and hungry. He knew that the end was near. One day while wandering in the desert looking for water, he ran into a group of giant scorpions. Ready to die, he walked into the mist of them and raised his arms preparing to die. What happened next would be considered a miracle by those who would become his first friends. One of the scorpions by instinct struck the man in the side with his tail. The blow sent the dwarf reeling. He fell to his side as the other scorpions prepared to end his life. Suddenly, the arachnids were stopped by one that appeared their leader, an enormous golden scorpion. A group of sand warriors watched from a hill as the leader of the scorpions actually picked the injured undine up and carried him to an oasis and left him. Seeing it as a sign from their goddess, the sand warriors took Grim to their complex, an abandoned city in the desert, and brought him back to life. The sand warriors ended up being a cult of the sand god, Aldinach. Grim finally found his place among them. He was revered and cared for. The group taught him how to hunt and taught him the finer points in the art of combat. He soon learned their ways but at the same time he felt something stirring in him. All that rage he had been building up for years was hardness during the training. Grim was able to place powerful destructive strikes with his weapons. It was also during this time that he learned to use the divine magic that was always a part of him. He learned to control this spontaneous spellcasting ability. They lived a life of brotherhood and revelry. They hunted hard during the day and partied harder at night. During this time, he befriended a desert tiger who he had found as an abandoned kitten. The two became inseparable. Grim also fell in love with a human woman he met there. They married and the next two years of his life were the best he had ever known. Unfortunately, the happiness would not last. A group of settlers from Aeon laying claim to the oasis raided the place and killed everyone while the most skilled hunters were away. Grim and his party tried to exact vengeance but the hated enemy proved to powerful. Heartbroken and lonely, he ran away once again. Unable to tolerate the pain of living grim turned to his inner rage to drive him forward.

Hearing the call to war placed by the High Priest, Grim made his way back and stands ready to answer the call.

definitely a good background and an excellent character overall. couple of things though:

remember that spell resistance goes both ways: your allies will have to roll it to heal you, and you have a pretty good chance of not being healed by their items (i.e. wands of cure light).

also, keep in mind that if you fight with two-weapon using a heavy shield and a 1 handed weapon, the penalties are -4/-4 (since you have the TWF feat). will need spells known too.

additionally, you would have been "converted" to the worship of Auronis (who is the lord of the sun and the peerless warrior; his domains are war, sun, glory, and nobility).

other than the above, looks good and welcome aboard.

Grand Lodge

Tks actually i can voluntarily reduce my Magic resistance:

"A creature can voluntarily lower its spell resistance. Doing so is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Once a creature lowers its resistance, it remains down until the creature's next turn. At the beginning of the creature's next turn, the creature's spell resistance automatically returns unless the creature intentionally keeps it down (also a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity)."

I might change the TWF feat chain i am usually using either short sword or dagger (for the -2/-2) (don't know what feat yet)

As an inquisitor does that mean i have to give up rage domain for one of Auronis?

Spells are
L0: Create Water, Detect Magic, Stabilize, Read Magic, Guidance, Virtue
L1: CLW, Shield of Faith, Alarm, Comprehend Languages (if you have a multilingual world)
L2: CMW, Spiritual Weapon

correct, you can voluntarily lower it, but it's not a combat effective option, and, should you be unconscious, you would not be able to lower it. I'm definitely not saying "don't take it", I just like for people to be aware of how it works.

well, if you plan on shield bashing, most of the higher end feats require TWF.

yes, you would have to change your domain, as rage isn't really covered under Auronis' perview. lemme get to my house and i'll put together a list of inquisitions, if you would prefer one of those instead.

Looks fun I'll make a core idea see what you think

I noticed that I failed to link this campaign to the other campaign, which you can find here.

I'll be copying over the pertinent campaign info and sticking it in the campaign tab, but for now feel free to pop in over there and take a look.

edit: of course as soon as I type this, I see the link the above post. Oh well, now it's doubly posted!

Grand Lodge

crap about the domaines (i don't really like any of them, do i reallly have to give up Rage? )...

well since A creature’s spell resistance never interferes with its own spells, items, or abilities. i'll keep it :)

I'm definitely interested. Thinking of a fighter of some sort.

Here's my fighter as I said. He's a rogue/fighter to start. Let me know what you think and I'll give some background in a little bit.

Wish I had time to make a character right now, these spots will likely be filled up by the time I get a chance lol

Ooh, I may come over here instead of trying to get some sort of psionic together, since I can't get a good idea for that (sorry, Orelius). I'm thinking a bloodrager...

I'd like to apply with this guy - straight up hobgoblin fighter.

Wow, there's still slots open for this, since we have 2 hobgoblin, I'll apply a hobgoblin bard with all the special feats

sorry about the derth of posts today guys. between the cold forcing me to stay home from work, and the spotty internet connection likely due to inclement weather, it's been a fun day.

now onto the fun stuff:
@algar: alas, yes, you would have to change your inquisition. I'm still looking at appropriate inquisitions for you (I haven't forgotten).

@greith: I don't see any glaring inaccuracies. just need a backstory now =)

@kurat: great backstory and character! welcome aboard!

@loup blanc: welcome. I look forward to seeing what you create!

@dalgar: While a bard would be great, please make sure you note the position that most members of the convocation have on bards (i.e. they're social parasites who don't give anything back); with that said, feel free to make one, just expect that you won't get as much mileage out of being a social dynamo as you might expect =_

with Kurat's entry, that leaves us with 4 slots left (also, limited healing for team inquisition). that aside, If you're interested, you should know that I'm not planning on starting for the next couple of weeks, cause I just started a high level pbp and want to give it about a week to get everyone on track to the different format of that game.

finally, thank you all again for your interest, and i look forward to seeing what people create!

Where do I look into how psionics work? I've always disliked that mechanics, since days of AD&D, so never bothered to look it up in Pathfinder. Being uninformed, I tried to beef up my Wis/Will saves knowing we will face psionics. However, maybe this is wrong? How do I defend against them, which stat/save is important?

you can find the rules for psionics in the pathfinder SRD, which you can find if you do a yahoo/google search for it.

I'll post this here just to see if you like where I'm coming from with Greith. I went a but more ingrained horde mentality with him, but I think it'll be playable and fun. I'll also put this on my profile. Enjoy!

Greith was a typical member of the tribe. He grew up and learned his father's skill. Trapping. He would go through the woods, learning the land and setting traps, maybe hunting as well some time. The meat was used for meals, the organs to the shaman, and the skins to the tanner. He enjoyed his life. There was work, sport, food, and ale.

Then the damn heathens with their mind powers had to go and rile things up. Disturb the way of things. Sure, they had been pushing out further and further recently. But fighting was expected. All males in the tribe (really, the whole Convocation) were expected to aid the war parties. Auronis favored the strong and strong is what the tribe was. Killing the Aeonites was even fun sometimes. But to capture members of the Convocation? To enslave them? That was the greatest insult. Tales had been coming in from many tribes of the kidnapping of the Great Skyreaver's brood. And other young ones.

It was not the first time one of the Wise had been taken, but never in coordination. Not like this. It reminded Greith of when his brother had been taken when they were young. The rage began to return. He journeyed with the war party to the great Gathering. And then the high priest Kathandrax gave his speech. All were eager, especially Greith. Time to spill heathen blood! Greith would hunt the psions, he would trap them, and then their skins would make fine leather indeed.

I have put together a variant on the Akoto that might work on this side of the campaign if you approve. I should probably only play on one side or the other but I am hedging my bets :)

True Werewolf/Goliath Feral Path Psychic Warrior 3. Here is a LINK to the character sheet.


Akoto was born in Aeon to a blacksmithing family aligned with House Alindas. He showed no aptitude for the family line of work and was apprenticed to the herbalist in the monastery in the Eastern City. It was there that Akoto’s psionic talents were identified and honed. Working the herb gardens and later ranging for longer and longer periods in the surrounding wilds in search of rare plants set him on his Feral Warriors path.

It was on one of his herbalism trips that Akoto's life was changed and he began to learn his true nature. Wandering far from the city Akoto was caught by a pack of Werewolves at the end of their hunt. After a fiece but short fight against the pack Akoto was left for dead. The next morning a dwarven homesteader came upon him and brought him back to his farm to recover. After weeks of rest and recovery Akoto learned two things, he had contracted a curse of lycanthropy and he liked it. Akoto never returned to the monastery. The night of his first turning was . . . unfortunate . . . the Dwarf who had saved him and his family did not survive it. It was a price in blood Akoto had to pay and he is happy to have paid it. Perhaps it was old lycanthropic blood that set him on the Feral Path or the combination of old blood, a new curse and intense meditation but over the months that followed Akoto's true nature was revealed.

It was almost 6 months before Akoto decided to track down the pack that had turned him. They traveled quickly and it was another year before he was able to catch his first hint of werewolf activity. At first he just just shadowed the pack as it went deeper and deeper into Horde territory. Eventually he made contact was cautiously accepted into the pack. Akoto ran with that pack for years before their wandering brought them back near Aeon. After a successful raid on a cattle herd the pack spread out across the hills thinking to avoid any farmers who might get over zealous. That was how they were taken. A formation of the Legion happened to be near by and heard of the attack. One by one his brothers and sisters were picked off that night, overwhelmed by numbers and slain. Akoto barely managed to escape sneaking away hidden by his powers.

Not long after Akoto heard the call to war placed by the High Priest, Grim. When he was told of a rally point started there at a run. He did not stop until he arrived.

@akoto: while it definitely looks like a fine character, this side doesn't teach psionics, and goliaths would be killed as enemies. you're more than welcome to create a character that does meet the creation requirements above, however! (although in all fairness, if you're selected in one game, you should withdraw your character in the other).

@greith: looks good! welcome aboard!

Would an anti-paladin work? Are half-giants "the Goliath"?

@kryzbyn: yes, goliaths are renamed half-giants, as giants are fairly rare, and so half-giant was not a really apropos name. as far as anti-paladins go, while I don't mind running evil characters, there isn't really a place in the convocation for anti-paladins, as the only formal church is the church of Auronis, who is not evil (he would be good aligned, in fact, if the gods actually cared about human morality).

Grand Lodge

a divine healer (or two) would be needed for our team :)

ya, you guys will probably want some sort of healer (or to have limited healing amongst the majority of the party), as you will be facing psionic stuff, and that crap hurts =D

Would you accept a true werewolf/human cleric of auronis 3 with tactics and honor domains? I am still working on a backstory.

Hmm...a life oracle could be interesting...
So from some of the races being asked for, would a drow noble oracle work?

The Exchange

Color me curious. I'll be back soon.

let me look at the werewolf template and i'll get back to you Akoto.

Let me take a look at that as well kryzbyn.

edit: having looked at both "race" requests, I would allow both with the following modifications:

true lycanthrope werewolf would be a level adjustment of -2. playing a drow noble would be a level adjustment of -3.

there are, of course, alternates to playing both:

lycanthropes can be simulated fairly well by the skinwalker race (introduced in blood of the moon), and you could simulate drow noble using the drow race feats.

Hmm, ok nm then. Don't think a 1st level healer would do any good.

Will have to re-think on the race.

Naw, not cool with the oracle idea...nevermind.

The Exchange

I am back. Say hell to Ragar Kanorplin, dwarven hunter. He's a very hard to kill front liner and uses his magic mostly for healing and protection. Only have the crunch done, have yet to work on the fluff, but I always appreciate feedback.

Grand Lodge

ha a dwarven hunter welcome brother...

The Exchange

Hello fellow dwarf! Yeah I have Ragar clad in stoneplate, always wanted to give that stuff a try.

Grand Lodge

Its a nice and comfy armor.

Also DM what is the Fav weapon of Auronis?

That would be interesting. Two dwarfs and two hobgoblins, forced to work together. All the while, no one is getting a wink of sleep.

Auronis' favored weapon is the Bastard sword.

The Exchange

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
Auronis' favored weapon is the Bastard sword.

Now THAT is a deity I can get behind.

well, most of the tribes of the convocation are pretty peaceful with each other. Dwarves default have the deep warrior alternate racial trait instead of defensive training, as giants are really rare in the setting. different clans in the tribe would have different enmities (either taking ancient enmity, or creating a clan that specializes in hunting...some sort of specific creature (like humans or blues, as opposed to undead or aberrations).

Auronis was the restored deity from a campaign that I ran a while ago. he was a paladin, then a god, then lacked existence, then was restored to godhood. good times

The Exchange

Ragar Blackmane has been updated with the alternate racial traits as well as given a new family name. Any opinions on the build?

I remember when a wizard by this very name attempted to summon a CR 35 lava behemoth to do his bidding. Little did he realize it was the center of the earth and he nearly destroyed the entire planet. Good times indeed.

Grand Lodge

ok i shall have the deep warrior racial trait and Ancient enmity: Humans

Bastard sword nice (free weapon prof for inquisitors) ... :)

Hmmm warpriest of Auronis...

I have put together the Lycanthrope/Cleric 2. I still need to work up a back story but am thinking along the lines of a distant relation to Kathandrax. He is young overzealous and desperate to prove himself to his namesake.

Here is a link to Drax Adaaryn. I will add him to an Alias if he gets selected.

I will still need to pick one campaign or the other as I have a submission on the Aeon side as well.

@kyrzbyn: I like the warpriest class. it's pretty beefy.

@aquanda: for the most part looks good, but you would need to change the base race (as human is not one of the approved races). additionally, while you can certainly walk around in your non-hybrid form, amongst the worgen it is considered rude, as you are basically saying that you are ashamed of what you are. just a RP note for dealing with other worgen. finally, in order to be considered, you would need to have an alias built for the character (see my first post under the "character creation" spoiler tab).

Grand Lodge

Shaman is nice also...

Vrog, as I'm working on concepts and tossing ideas around and such, I want to check. You don't have full elves listed as an accepted race up top; is that an accident, or is there a reason there are half-elves but no full elves?

full elves tend to be associated with Aeon for the most part. there is a small clan in the convocation, but they don't have representation and they don't bother with anyone very much (i.e. they accept the rulership of the convocation, but they just want to be left alone).

with that being said, I missed them as an approved race, so they should be added to the list.

I have updated to Dwarf-Orc using the rules of half-orc and racial grates that seemed to make sense. I would like to use the same base race as Kathandrax if you have details there I will update accordingly. I will write up a back-story assuming I am a distant relation.

fair enough. Kathandrax is a werebear orc.

Things are looking good, Vrog!

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