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Silver Crusade

Mighty clerics of the Customer Service domain, hear my plea!

I placed an order a week ago for Burnt Offerings and downloaded it that day. Now when I check my downloads folder, I don't see it anywhere. I would like to have it on multiple devices and locations, but I can't locate the file.

In hopes of a positive reception to my earnest plea, I offer virtual cookies and real accolades for your help!

Dark Archive Customer Service Representative

The great beast of Power-Outage had wreaked havoc on the plane of Servers; your order being one to fall into its maw before the gods of Tech Team could cast their spell of resurrection. The high priestess Sara Marie requests you forward your prayer of Confirmation-Email to her ( at your earliest convenience. For the time being, we've pooled our powers to grant you the boon of Burnt Offerings so that your quests may continue!

~Justin Riddler
Cleric of CS

Translation: your PDF is available again, please forward your order confirmation email to CS Manager Sara Marie so that we can finish patching things on our end, thank you.

Silver Crusade

Glory be to the beneficent clerics of the Customer Service domain! Through mighty efforts and purity of cause, they have solved my problem in my hour of direst need. Truly mighty and noble individuals indeed!

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